Sunday, October 3, 2010

ニャッピ! 0(≧∀≦)0

**Fangirl post

Since I followed Teruki(and Miku and kanon) in Twitter
I started to watch their videos and listen to their(old) songs again!

The first PV first song by An Cafe I know when I was 15
Miku looks like he's having mental problem... which is AWESOME!! XD
And I love his hat.. thingy :D
But my favourite member is Teruki 'cause he's cute especially his voice XD

This PV, I love what they're wearing(well I loved everything they wore)
They're wearing SEX POT ReVeNGe (i love their skull logo♥)
I actually kept searching for what they're wearing in the official web shop
Found Bou and Kanon's pants(me wants.. D: no more in the web shop)
Miku's wrist band(it's still there), Miku and Teruki's hipbag(no same colour), Miku's shirt etc etc
I wanted what they wore, especially Bou and Kanon's pants! DX

After doing research on their clothing etc Lol =X
Sambil draw sambil heartache because I want those clothes!
But they're expensive ugh
(that is why I kept drawing those measurements and shape wanting to make those clothings myself
but in the end it's gone and i've done nothing.. those days..)

(And I wanted Miku's knit cap, wanted to knit one for myself but 1 year later ended up I knit for my hide doll lol)

I used to love visual kei and punk etc, wore a bit of them when I was 15~16
Buuuut, there's too many ppl wearing it suddenly just because of the TREND
And most of them look so lala and weird so I don't wanna wear anymore lol

Watching back to their PV and listen to their previous songs, felt so good
And YenTing kept upload their pictures to Facebook and I kept "like" and commenting Lol
(等下.. 做么你会开始听他们的歌的啊?我只记得你form4/5时不懂是我send你的还是什么过后你就喜欢Miku了 哈哈 =X)
They were the only band me and my sis think is the only band which actually looked good
As in every member look nice and good, not like other band
Suddenly got one not good looking one (like GLAY, Takuro is..ugly haha =X but he writes awesome songs so that's ok =X)

But Bou left the band, and here comes Takuya and Yuuki
Since then we didn't really follow them anymore
No one can replace Bou, it's just not the same..
I still prefer those songs when Bou is still with them D:
But, oh well.. it's the past... =(

After watching and listening them again... I want to buy their CDs DVDs etc too wtf!
I mean, those when Bou is still in the band, 'cause I only know those songs
Because of this I browse YesAsia again, but those I wanted already out of stock!
Their SHOXX File An Cafe Memories #1 photobook.. I saw it in Kino before
I didn't knew it was about all their SHOXX interview until Bou's last live
If only I was that crazy like now that time, wanting to collect these stuffs
Or else I'll buy it (well TOO LATE!)

Because of searching these again, I search for GLAY's stuffs again
And X JAPAN, and Chatmonchy..
But I don't wanna see X JAPAN's anymore 'cause their latest stuffs have no hide
And also don't wanna see hide new stuffs anymore 'cause.. it's not "verified" from himself
So now, GLAY stuffs.. I still haven't got their Great Vacation Vol.1 and Vol.2...
And now they're having new single and album...

Why am I working hard for my studies right now?
Because I want to have a better job a better life, don't have to worry about money
Other than having a better life for myself and my family...........
I want to be rich next time, so that I can buy all these collective stuffs and instruments
And I can go to see their live performance, GLAY(must.. MUST), X JAPAN(hmm..)
Buy all their merchandise and other stuffs!!
Chatmonchy, ayaka(if she's back), An Cafe, SID, Gackt, Orianthi, Matchbox 20
And any other bands and singer that I like
Collect them ALLLLL!!! wudwudweigdyegnhggyt!!!!

Eheehheheheheehehehh... *drools*

Added a "I want" list at the sidebar! LOL

Heheyyy I should be doing research on our moral(BORING!) presentation
But I'm still here! EHEH!!
Time to iron clothessss!!

MONEYYYY!!! $_______$



晴天 said...

LOL 我也忘记liao叻~!! XD


他们每次听 Hatsukoi 和 Tekesuta Kousen,然后在车上拍手那些~

然后好象是有天,我不懂做么很突然的去 Youtube 找他们的 PV 来看,然后对 Miku “一见钟情” LOL!!!

除了他的样子和他歌声,我很喜欢他表演时的“态度” XD (可以不顾形象那种乱乱“feng”)

不懂怎样形容Miku的歌声啊 >.< 好象有鼻音可是又可以弄到很好听酱的!!

KaedE said...


可以follow Miku,Teruki,Kanon和Takuya他们 =X