Saturday, September 11, 2010


*Note: Ignore the title. I'm just bored and dunno what title to put.

Before doing that assignment, I won't purposely buy Hello Panda to eat
Or should I say.. I never eat them before? (I only eat Loller and Rocky by Glico)
Thanks to that assignment, now I eat them.


My supper few days ago, just imagine the box is full filled with that same sushi roll at the side.

A cat in front of the escalator at JJ carpark floor.


I don't get it, is it so important where to go to?
A person who prays but kills people, a person who did a lot of good deed but doesn't pray
Who will go to heaven? Who will go to hell?

So lying to people and forcing people will bring you to heaven?
Why do they have to promote so much?
They could just get married and their babies would be the same too.
It's our own choice whether to believe or not to believe
Why won't they just accept what people choose?

If then they didn't do such things, we "customers" won't be pissed.

I hated "them" more than "them" who everyone hate.



GLAY's latest single "PRECIOUS"
No money to buy.. *cries*

G.L.A.Y. - Precious [PV]
Thanks to Takuro for always writing beautiful and touching songs
And Teru's awesome vocals to sing all of those songs
Plus Hisa and Jiro's moeness and cuteness guitar and bass
This is what makes GLAY awesome!

Hisa♥ (printscreen)
GLAY performing at Music Station last night

Print screens lol

The performance (starts at 4:48), might be remove by Asahi sooner or later.
GLAY is the 7th for 最強artiste♥
The lyric is just so sad..

Hisa's pic posted at Twitter before performance~
His hair is always pretty♥

They're gonna perform at TBS Countdown TV tonight (watch on Keyhole again)
And MUSIC JAPAN tomorrow night, which I can watch it on TV♥

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