Monday, August 9, 2010

To Do List

To Do List for my sem break..
*Watch concerts dvd/vcds and dramas and movies
dramas : **all Ikuta Toma, Mukai Osamu, and Ueno Juri's drama
concerts: **all GLAY's concects we've had, and also w-inds.' old concerts
movies: The Runaways, 17 Again, Hannah Montana the Movie,
(yes, old movies, wanted to see but never got the chance to watch), all Harry Potter series
***Practise my guitar.. a MUST
*Play RO?
*Sleep until afternoon
**Clean up my room and work table.. looks like shit right now, I mean in this whole sem.. i mean every sem..
*Iron my clothes, didn't iron my clothes in this whole sem 'cause busy doing assignments
*Do chores.. 'cause I'm the one at home during sem break..

Can you stand it? Everyday staying at home?
Doing the same thing over and over again?
Yep, that's my holidays, I'm not out going

The only places I'll go is KLCC Kinokuniya, Isetan food/toys section and Rock Corner
Sg Wang? only thing to see is gashapon machines and some figurines, and pass by instrument shop
Times Square? nothing to see, all cheap clothings you can see in every shop in Sg Wang, and xiao mei meis dressing up like they think they're mature eww
Pavilion? all branded stuffs, byebye. Can lepak at Forever 21 only 'cause it's huge with nice interior and dun hav much staffs to bother you, and Speedy.
1U, damn freakin far, only thing to see is Present4U 'cause Rilakk is there, and cd shop, and gashapons
MidValley? I barely go there (same goes to 1U, far)

I'm a girl, why won't I shop or window shop for clothes?
Clothes? I don't WASTE my money on clothings
Why should I buy them when the only thing I do is staying at home?
I window shop, but barely buy them, either it doesn't suit me or none of them I like
I can use those money to buy for my collections ffs
Which to me is waayyy more important than those clothings
If I'm rich, well of course, it won't be the same.

Well, you can say that I have not much friends since I'm just a emo freak during secondary school
except for drama friends but barely contact since everyone has their own lives now
And booo, my collegemates are not from Setapak, sien
But 'cmon, who ONLY goes to these places I've mention?
All they do is just walking around without knowing where to go next
Or just go for a movie, which I don't like.. waste money and time..
The only one I always go out with is my sis, Kino and Isetan is the only place we go in KLCC
But booo she's now working and she's has boyfriend now, sien lor

Wasn't planning to write so much(AGAIN) but everything just pop out of my mind
Well you can always ignore it, I'm not some famous blogger who keeps on doing commercialize stuffs and keep on hoping their hits are high
Signed up for Nuffnang just to treat it as live feed, see who came to my blog, not for money. Fuk.

I'm just a random human being who thinks rubbish and writes them
Just bursting out what I can't burst, that's it
You can't blame someone for being like what when they're born and live in what kind of situation.

Yes, I'm blaming my life right now, how bad
I should blame myself
No, I should be happy that I'm born with a perfect normal body and mind
with a awesome loving family and know some crazy friends
and I still got the chance to study right now
Yep, I know I'm lucky and havin' a good life
Lucky and grateful to have the things or talents I've got
I know what's lucky and unlucky in my life
A positive thinking human being wannabe, which makes me think a lot of shit
But I'm also a human being, human beings are never enough

Well at least I didn't do any bad things to get the things I want. Lol.

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