Thursday, August 5, 2010

Orianthi Live in Malaysia

**Note: Damn lots of picss. All blurry pictures 'cause I didn't bring my DSLR

Let's begin with three photos I like(the composition etc) which I took with my phone

Orianthi silhouette!


Before the show starts.. Photos of... THE QUEUE

The queue.. reach till the carpark

Hello, car

(right: left4dead tshirt haha)

My front

My back

Still going forward

Camwhore with ticket, RM0.00 ticket

The poster♥

Going UP!

Up... and...

We're in!!

Opening act, a local artiste I guess
I don't know who she is, but she's good!

And the live starts.. NOW!

First song "What's it Gonna Be"(♥) next "Bad News"
Didn't get to snap photos of the beginning of the live
But.. I've recorded it *wink* Not in a very good quality of course

The guitarist, the drummer..

The bassist.. and of course...

The vocalist/guitarist - ORIANTHI!!!

Was so excited and "shocked" to see her when she ran out from backstage!
Break into tears 'cause it's the "REAL" thing!! (LOL) *tears of joy!*
Her blonde hair is so pwetty and her guitar play.... AMAZING, AWESOME.

The lighting was really really bright until it almost make my eyes blind
But still I can't take my eyes of her and her guitar! She's too awesome!!

Lucky fans, Orianthi keeps the artwork they did! D:

Oh ya, I've mention I didn't bring along my DSLR right?
But I didn't mention I was in a bad mood while on our way to the live
My parents said that mostly those concerts won't allow cameras etc etc
But.. there's a lot of people brought their DSLRs...
SAD! 'cause I didn't get to snap clear zoomed in photos of Orianthi!
But think on the bright side, I brought digital camera and record some parts of the live
And I can watch it again back home, just.. not in a very good quality. Lol.


Her presence is so cool especially when she's doing those guitar shreds and solos!
(and also with her blonde hair LOL)
I kept looking how her fingers moves.. when can I be like that? *cries!!*
(I know.. a lot of guitarists can do that too.. blah..)

*Stares at her PRS guitars*
When can I buy her PRS SE Orianthi model..? *sigh*

There's around two times the PA system had some technical problem
But each time just for less than a second, so.. no big :D
I really love the lighting they did, one of the important things in any live performance
LIGHTING and MUSIC is important to build the atmosphere
And of course, the one who performs!
Orianthi is cool, the bassist is cool, the guitarist is cool and cute(lol), and the drummer is also cool(with Mohawk hair!)

*cropped* It would be better if only this photo's composition is lower

Yes, a lot of cameras, phones, and videocams around there
Blocking the scene.. including me haha

During "Shut Up & Kiss Me"

Fans using DSLR recording with nice composition and HD quality! D:

Cameras blocking me, and I kept tip-toeing to snap and record the live Lol
Well, more of the time I don't have to tip-toe, just raise my hand
Yup, good thing for being taller. Hahah!

End of the live, Orianthi throws her guitar picks!! *hands UP!!*

But too bad I didn't get the pick.. a girl in front me got it! *cries*
Everyone kept looking on the floor, searching if there's any guitar picks left on the floor
I did it too, but unfortunately.. none :(

Before leaving, Orianthi's Walter on the amp! lol!

Outside Life Centre (me look fat here with braces *shines* lol)

Across the road (to have some KFC as supper haha)

Our dad aka the one who got us the tickets ♥
And also the one who told us about Orianthi's coming to Malaysia!
(Yea, what a fan I am.. don't even know about the news. Geez. And I don't listen to FlyFM)
Before knowing about this, me and my sis were going to Slash's live at Sunway
Which is going to happen tonight!
With the help from my dad of course, free tickets
But while he's dealing with the Slash tickets, he was told about Orianthi's live too!
If I go to Slash's, I can't go to Orianthi's
And if I go to Slash, I just go to see him because he's one of a legend guitarist
Not because of I like him, I like Orianthi
And YAY plus thanks to MY DAD!! ♥♥♥

Am so glad that Orianthi exists! (very thanks to MJ for the exposure!)
'cause it seems like rock is about to disappear (MALAYSIA)
Now she's here, she's gonna bring back what rock is all about
With all those awesome guitar riffs♥

Bought her second Believe album RM40 each, paid by my sis Lol :D

I can afford to buy the VIP tickets, but then again, I'm not rich
My money is aiming for other stuffs, collections, am saving them like crazy
And I've got free tickets, of course I'll go for the free ones
Orianthi will definitely come back to Malaysia again
'cause she's not those Japanese artiste that I love.. *cries*

GLAY or X JAPAN in Malaysia..? Nah.. that won't happen.. *cries*

Wellp, I guess this is the only entertainment I've got in this semester? Lol.
Oh wait, my drama juniors' are going to perform tomorrow!
Maybe I'll be going...? Maybe...
Anyway, wish them luck♥


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