Tuesday, August 31, 2010

End of August

The last day of August = Malaysia's Merdeka Day!
Don't have the "feeling" of merdeka, most of the people is excited because of fireworks only
Well I missed the fireworks 'cause I was reading manga.. xxxHolic XD

Everyone were cheering very loudly last night around my house
So I went out to have a look..
Someone from other block threw those firecrackers down from the block
Everyone is cheering happily, but what if someone pass by downstairs..?

These pass two weeks = drama, guitar, eat
JDramas cast by Ikuta Toma!!

Really love his acting skills, got his own style
Stage play actor summore :3
And he's cute! *IKEMEN DAAA!! XD*
Can't resist his cuteness *syok sendiri again*
Hehehe.. hehehheh.. hehehehhe... *drools*
But why Johnny's Entertainment have to lock their blogs..
Including Ikuta Toma's blog DX
Have to pay only can see! So strict for what.. money? D:

Hanamizuki starring Aragaki Yui and IKUTA TOMA (and Mukai Osamu)
Ikuta Toma and Aragaki Yui look so cute together♥

Posted the trailer here before already, but still..
Ughhh I wanna watch! Now it's the no.1 box office in Japan! *cries*
I want to watch these Japanese movies I wanna watch in Malaysia's cinema
Not from internet please! *cries x2*

Sighs.. *tear drops*

English test tomorrow, memang lebih
Or else, we don't even have to so random go to college for one day, just for 2 hours
But if it wasn't this test, we won't have BBQ tomorrow!
My second time BBQ.. first time is 5A gathering.. lol.

After that continue watch dramas at home... kah? -__-

Oh ya, nearly forgot to mention
I'm broke. Will reveal the reason why am I broke once I've got it.
^__^* (winks)
(LOL dunno why i think these emoticons is getting cheaper! which i think it makes it funny)


*continue dramas*

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