Saturday, July 31, 2010


**Hehe.. another fangirl posts.. beh tahan.. YOUTUBE ADDICTION IS BACKKK!!!!

Hehehehehe I ♥ GLAY.. Hisashi is ♥!! HehehehehehhEHHEHE!!

GLAY Ballads♥

GLAY Pop rocks♥

Although their latest songs are nice too
but I still think their older songs are better!
OH WAITT!! I HAVEN'T BUY THEIR The Great Vacation Vol.1 AND Vol.2!!!!
AND THEY'RE STILL IN STOCK IN YESASIA.COM!!!! (oh shit, browsing again..)
Vol.1 are all those newer songs.. ignore normal edition, limited ed got two version
A with 30 MVs.. B with their [pure soul "Movie"] during their 1998 pure soul Tour..
Which should I buy.... Ughghhhhhghghghh *drools*
Vol.2 are olders songs.. but got Jacket A and Jacket B and Jacket C!
But Jacket C is normal edition so I'll just ignore it..
Jacket A is with 23 music videos, Jacket B is with their best live performances in these 15 years..
I prefer live performance so Jacket B is fine...
But Jacket A.. music videos.. those old songs...
Err... ergh... erghhghhhghhh....
Vol.1 A VS Vol.1 B, Vol.2 JacketA VS Vol.2 JacketB....
Which one which one.... I WANT THEM ALLLL... ALL LIMITED EDITIONNNN!!!

But not enough money plus I still haven't buy any guitar effect stuffs..
And PRS Orianthi SE..


I should be doing my assignments now, but I dunno where to start zzz

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