Monday, July 26, 2010


Yaaaayyy Free from Hello Panda!!!
Had some problems before and during presentation, but oh well~

Being blur just now in the morning until I nearly lost my wallet! (I left it on the rack outside the lab..)
Thanks to Caro help take it back, I langsung forgot about it
Or else I won't even notice until I reach home... swt
(when she showed me, I tot she buat apa, I didn't notice my wallet is on her hand 'cause she's holding other colourful wallets
until she told me i only saw my wallet.. mine is black/brown so i tak nampak, only nampak colourful ones.. swt)

The cm/tvc for our Hello Panda~ heh!
But our Hello Panda flash site, the design and layout each and every page is not consistent
Oh well, already passed up, and we don't want to face panda already!
Oh ya and thanks to my sis for having those Jdrama ost(s) for the tvc♥
Yumemiru Otome - Nodame Cantabile drama ost
HA・NA・ZA Carnival - Hanazakari no Kimitachi ost

*adds*And thanks to her to tell me which part moves not natural so I can change it ♥

After present and pass up our stuffs, the only thing in my mind is SLEEP!
But when I reached home only remember I still got something else to rush..
Gonna rush it now so that I get to sleep early tonight until tomorrow afternoon!
Yaayy no more classes on Monday and Tuesday!
But still got assignment to do so not much difference
The only difference is Monday no need to wake up so early. lol.

Sem break ah...

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