Sunday, June 13, 2010

Transformation Zzz

Am suppose to do my assignment right now, but the problem is.. how?
I mean.. the plasticine modelling transformation for Cell Animation
From a slice of cake to a cup of ice-cream?

Yes, look like shit. (Tsukasa♥)

How to draw or transform..?
I keep on adding shades 'cause it's a 3D thing in front of me
Which I made it like real life cake and ice-cream
And I'm regret to make them 'cause they're so hard to draw!
Too much details! Stupid!!

Photography and Interface Design's assignments already have a bit progress
But this.. this one... Already facing it for more than 2 days.. still no progress...
I've only got less than 3 or 2 days to finish it including today(Sunday).. Shit..

Why am I still doing here? I don't know how to start drawing! That's why!
Just now playing RO awhile summore! (miss it soooo much! XD)
Now eating supper wtf.

Before movie starts (watch Karate Kid)
Oh ya and I finally went to WangsaWalk's Tgv although I stay near by
(well duh I don't watch movies)
It's the first time I sit at the front first row and it's freezing in there until I can't walk when I stood up and terpijak Chiing's leg.. paiseh hahah =X
Karate Kid.. not bad la.. I like that Chinese bully kid 'cause it's funny to look at his looks with such an un-matching voice (mature look with cute little boy's voice hahaha) =X

My sis' going to have bowling competition tomorrow at 1U with her whole company colleagues
Gonna support her tomorrow = wake up early.. Zzzz
Time to sleep... (transformation............)

我要这个星期快点完毕啊.. 或许能减少一些负担,专注学业...

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