Monday, June 7, 2010

Rubbish, again.

*words ONLY*

Ok.. few days ago/last week/??? ago I still can't find or feel that college is really started already
But now..

It's just the beginning of the first semester in Year 2
And I've already had not much sleep, staying up late, can't sleep
Doing assignments, thinking assignments, worrying assignments
Thinking too much until I can barely sleep.

Manage to finish redoing my flipbook before 4am this morning(and I'm not even the worst)
Thankfully I get to sleep at least for a few hours 'cause there's 8am class just now
But before sleep still thinking about that flipbook although I've finish doing it....sien lor..
And I had quite a long dream in around 3 hours just now, I thought it's around 4 or 5pm already when I woke up, but it's just before 2pm :D =X

Last week... almost everyday I woke up early, and starting to be busy..?
- 8am class not so busy.. yet
- 9am cabut gigi, skipped lecture class stay at home.. flipbook...
- cabut gigi again, 4pm~8pm class, last minute rush flipbook..
- skipped lecture again 'cause went to bed late, submit flipbook but have to redo
- 8am Lclass but skipped again 'cause I want to sleep.. After photography Pclass head to practice drama, then rush to English class.
At night go SetiawangsaAU2 shopping with my sis (Jusco Fiesta! Cheapppp! =X) And this is the first time I choose and pick clothes until so fast and more than 1 piece of clothing (I'm not someone who buy clothes easily, non of them I like, and the price.. I don't spend money on clothes), and I bought 2 cardigans and a tank top.
I think maybe I shop until like that is because of the things me and my sis talked about made me feeling down.. What else? Japanese music.
- Wake up early to go find iPhone mockup or cover, attended my sis' fren(Aira)'s sis wedding (Malay wedding, never seen before so I want go, damn grand).
After that go to college practice drama but it's Agung's bday that day, and we can't stay there unless we have a letter from the college(alamak), then head to 爱面子 yumcha sambil gila and practice our script with quite a huge voice. I bet those other customers were annoyed and think we're crazy (Lol). At night prepare stuffs for photoshoot..
- Wake up early again to prepare stuffs for photoshoot, photoshoot, back home around 7pm? Rest awhile, had dinner, and start redoing my flipbook... Which.....

I submitted it today! YAAAAYYY WHAT A RELIEF!!!

I'm actually glad that the tutor let us to redo 'cause I think the newer one I did is better than the previous one (just a bit la)
It's not easy 'cause I'm damn freakin' tired and kept on 发脾气 for few days thinking about just these two assignments until I forgotten the other assignments!!
And redoing the flipbook, looking and drawing the same image again and again and again and again and AGAIN is making me more mad and tired

It seems like I can't draw finish and I was going to give up you know?! YOU KNOW?!!
But I can't 'cause I have to train my 意志力!
And I actually started from tired, mad and feel like giving up, to draw until syok sendiri drawing and flipping the flipbook HAHA =X
(Learn it from drama classes during secondary school. Lol.)
所以身边的人,朋友和家人,都要加油尽量不要放弃,知道吗?? :D

Yesterday's photoshoot...
Thanks Reiko helping me to be my model although she's already 24hours didn't sleep
(Sorry for taking so long to do your hair and make up and making you drowsy, 'cause I never really have the chance to play these stuffs on other people except my sis DX And I'm still not good in photography so quite gan jiong *dies*) And happy birthdayyy!! :D
Thanks Hana letting us photoshoot around her condo area
(this is the first time I saw these kind of condo.. got those buttons have to press and talk in the lobby... and the swimming pool area looks like hotel...|||||)
Thank my sis for sacrificing her time accompany and fetching us :3
(crap face:3)
Trying to test my own abilities, make-up, hairstyling and photography..
But so paiseh coz my eyeshadow looks so filthy, thanks to someone dropping it on the floor make it all cracked.. my favourite eyeshadow.. And shoot photos until eyes become blurry can't focus properly..
Really hope TTG won't ask me to reshoot... *dies*

那两天排戏... 很爽一下!很久没有排戏了.. 很好玩!
排戏时间也不多了.. 希望一切顺利~!
(韵:这次的Teatime我不会放弃的,当天就跟你们一起演出,放心吧~ 加油! ^^)

Year 2... 俺は絶対に負けない!頑張ります!行くぜ――(おぉぉ!)

ヒサかこいい!wwww *random*


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