Thursday, May 27, 2010


Ate Har Mee cooked by Rainie as lunch yesterday
Ate Lui Cha as dinner last night.. two huge bowls ♥
Ate Dim Sum as breakfast at Sri Petaling with U4 this morning
Now, eating last night's Lui Cha again ♥
My appetite is backkk NOM NOM NOM♥♥♥
FAAAAATTT but whatever!! How can I not eat more when there's nice food??? NOM NOM!!!

I'm so greedy, ended up full until I wanna puke.

Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo sakana no ko~ XD

Hamster gek dong when MunYi is beside hahah
It kept spinning around, too bad my phone has not much memory =\

Assignments... plenty of them BUUUUTTTT...
Don't even know where to start, still have to separate into groups summore
Ugh I hate it when it's time to separate into groups...
Still not in the mood to do assignments, and I haven't buy a new mouse

One of the front light rosak already =(
I mean, the scroll-er thingy and browser also rosak
Hard to control when using photoshop and illus..
Gonna miss my car mouse after I get a new one... =(

Oh ya, Lee DeWyze won American Idol this year
Didn't really watch season 9 'cause it's boring, not like last year, Adam :D
[omgomgomg!! Watching the repeat of AI9 now and Iwas freakin' shocked when Orianthi appeared!
The first one to appear and perform with the Top 12(booo... lol)! And Alice Cooper!! *gasp*

She looks freakin' awesome in school uniform!! DX
And BeeGees!!
I wonder who else is going to perform?? Ughh I should have watch!! Totally forgotten about it until my dad suddenly remembers!! LOL!
OH YA!! Nearly forgot about Larry Plat PANTS ON THE GROUND!! XDXD
Christina Aguilera, Alanis Morissette, Janet Jackson(seriously looks and sounds MJ D:) etc etc etc

Basically, Season 9 don't really have anything to watch 'cause they've eliminated a lot of talented ones like Lily Scott =(
The best season is season 8, Adam, Kris, Allison, Megan ♥ But Adam is not at the finale today =(
And now, Simon is leaving. What nice to watch? =( ]

Whow.. thunder....
It's gonna rain(Baa badap baaa)(Rurouni Kenshin 5th Ending Theme lol).

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