Sunday, May 16, 2010


ignore the title

1-month-sem-break ends today, and Year 2 starts tomorrow
But good thing there's no class on Monday, one more holiday. Lol.


@Monash University, to see Rosevelt

Visit ahboy's exhibition w/ a few classmates

And w/ Milkygreen

My sis NDS

@Taman Pertanian w/ my sis and her classmates

2 packs of instant noodles w/ too less water

Milo for kids

Dead dog(?) on the bottom floor of my house from my balcony

Few days later.. kesian betul

Went to National Art Gallery and Galeri Petronas to see KLDesignWeek stuffs
Too bad photo taking is not allowed

Cupcakes on Mother's Day

Nothing to do, use chocolate to test bao yang or whatever
But seems like no difference

What else?
PC + TV + guitar + Fullmetal Alchemist manga + KOREAN DRAMA?!

Switched to KBS World while watch TV few weeks ago, and started to watch this 2007 KDrama "Scandal in Old Seoul" aka "Capital Scandal"
The more I watch, the more it gets interesting, the storyline is different than most other dramas, 16 episodes only =( And I love all four main characters especially the second main male character/actor(Ryu Jin) :D =X (can't help it 'cause his character's life is so pity and he's very tall and quite good looking and cool and sometimes cute HAHA LOL =X)
And he looking very matching with the second main female character! Like to watch the both of them! hdiwhei!!
And now I'm watching one of his previous drama I Really Really Like You heh (=X)
Well this is the first time I love a Korean drama and Korean actor until I kept google them, but he's the only Korean actor I'll be liking (same age with Hisashi! 1972! D:)

But! Matsuyama Ken'ichi and Ikuta Toma first! And Johnny Depp! Heheh!

Oh ya! And another drama! JDrama! Mei-chan no Shitsuji! :D

Ok... now it makes me want more holidays...Zzzz....
But.. oh well, going to be busy again.... hello ASSIGNMENTS...

OH YA! And this is now my desktop wallpaper!!♥♥♥

Print screen from their 15th Anniversary Special Live 2009 DVD
Edited a bit 'cause the wall is not long enough as a wallpaper..♥
Felt so happy every time when I on my pc hehehheeh♥


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