Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Back from cabut my teeth, two of them
Both wounds are still bleeding (eww)
Have to take these medicines *dies*

Can't go to college because of this, my lower lip, tongue, chin and jaw are numb until looks a lil' bit fucked up like Peter Chao's retard brother Ricky(LOL =X)
But this is just week 1, so it's ok to skip the classes especially lecture classes I guess?

The only pain part is the numb injection, but I can still feel the dentist kept pecahkan my teeth while plucking
My hand is shivering while I'm holding the cup to rinse, not even sure whether I shiver because of nervous or scare or because the injection's effect too heavy or what -__-
And I think the dentist did sew the wound? 'cause I can feel some string...
Four more left and I'll be putting on my braces *yikes*

*continues to watch drama :3*

Wait! Talking about drama!
Me and my sis finished watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji!
And I ♥ Shinobu(Mukai Osamu)!


(but it's not cute to put him in this post together with some disgusting post about dental stuffs.. lol eww
I can't help it 'cause I have to! He's too cute! XD)

Ok continue to watch drama! heh!

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