Saturday, May 29, 2010





Thursday, May 27, 2010


Ate Har Mee cooked by Rainie as lunch yesterday
Ate Lui Cha as dinner last night.. two huge bowls ♥
Ate Dim Sum as breakfast at Sri Petaling with U4 this morning
Now, eating last night's Lui Cha again ♥
My appetite is backkk NOM NOM NOM♥♥♥
FAAAAATTT but whatever!! How can I not eat more when there's nice food??? NOM NOM!!!

I'm so greedy, ended up full until I wanna puke.

Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo sakana no ko~ XD

Hamster gek dong when MunYi is beside hahah
It kept spinning around, too bad my phone has not much memory =\

Assignments... plenty of them BUUUUTTTT...
Don't even know where to start, still have to separate into groups summore
Ugh I hate it when it's time to separate into groups...
Still not in the mood to do assignments, and I haven't buy a new mouse

One of the front light rosak already =(
I mean, the scroll-er thingy and browser also rosak
Hard to control when using photoshop and illus..
Gonna miss my car mouse after I get a new one... =(

Oh ya, Lee DeWyze won American Idol this year
Didn't really watch season 9 'cause it's boring, not like last year, Adam :D
[omgomgomg!! Watching the repeat of AI9 now and Iwas freakin' shocked when Orianthi appeared!
The first one to appear and perform with the Top 12(booo... lol)! And Alice Cooper!! *gasp*

She looks freakin' awesome in school uniform!! DX
And BeeGees!!
I wonder who else is going to perform?? Ughh I should have watch!! Totally forgotten about it until my dad suddenly remembers!! LOL!
OH YA!! Nearly forgot about Larry Plat PANTS ON THE GROUND!! XDXD
Christina Aguilera, Alanis Morissette, Janet Jackson(seriously looks and sounds MJ D:) etc etc etc

Basically, Season 9 don't really have anything to watch 'cause they've eliminated a lot of talented ones like Lily Scott =(
The best season is season 8, Adam, Kris, Allison, Megan ♥ But Adam is not at the finale today =(
And now, Simon is leaving. What nice to watch? =( ]

Whow.. thunder....
It's gonna rain(Baa badap baaa)(Rurouni Kenshin 5th Ending Theme lol).

Monday, May 24, 2010


排戏.. 试弄拱(?)桥的时候扭到大腿的经(?)=_=

不过好事是食量小了一些,可以减肥 BD (没有做任何运动还想会瘦,中午排戏前还吃McD ==)

Assignment还没正式开始懂要做什么,开学前到现在还在追看戏! :D 不过也不是很多啦..
韩剧: Capital Scandal, I Really Really Like You, Romantic Island
日剧: Mei-chan no Shitsuji, Atashinchi no Danshi(现在8tv每个礼拜下午三点有播! :D)

现在追看的是正经的戏日剧“Last Friends”,其中3个是演NodameCantabile的~
尤其是主演Nodame的Ueno Juri,两套戏演的角色很大不同,也非常挑战,拿了不少奖呢~

嗯.. 很想再看会一些以前看过的戏~
Nodame Cantabile,HanaKimiHoney and CloverAkihabara@Deep etc
都不太记得是怎样的了 =\


不过在本地是不会播的.. 想看的都是这样.. 显咯.. = =

刚才要收衣服时... 很恶心一下...

青色的大蚂蚁......??? = =||||||||||

Friday, May 21, 2010

6 - 3 = 3


接下来又得拔另一个智慧牙了... 恐怖...
(.....血的味道... 恶心.......)

弄到都没心情去别的课了,等下class cancel的话浪费时间力气和车票走路搭巴士 ==

继续看 ==

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Back from cabut my teeth, two of them
Both wounds are still bleeding (eww)
Have to take these medicines *dies*

Can't go to college because of this, my lower lip, tongue, chin and jaw are numb until looks a lil' bit fucked up like Peter Chao's retard brother Ricky(LOL =X)
But this is just week 1, so it's ok to skip the classes especially lecture classes I guess?

The only pain part is the numb injection, but I can still feel the dentist kept pecahkan my teeth while plucking
My hand is shivering while I'm holding the cup to rinse, not even sure whether I shiver because of nervous or scare or because the injection's effect too heavy or what -__-
And I think the dentist did sew the wound? 'cause I can feel some string...
Four more left and I'll be putting on my braces *yikes*

*continues to watch drama :3*

Wait! Talking about drama!
Me and my sis finished watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji!
And I ♥ Shinobu(Mukai Osamu)!


(but it's not cute to put him in this post together with some disgusting post about dental stuffs.. lol eww
I can't help it 'cause I have to! He's too cute! XD)

Ok continue to watch drama! heh!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


ignore the title

1-month-sem-break ends today, and Year 2 starts tomorrow
But good thing there's no class on Monday, one more holiday. Lol.


@Monash University, to see Rosevelt

Visit ahboy's exhibition w/ a few classmates

And w/ Milkygreen

My sis NDS

@Taman Pertanian w/ my sis and her classmates

2 packs of instant noodles w/ too less water

Milo for kids

Dead dog(?) on the bottom floor of my house from my balcony

Few days later.. kesian betul

Went to National Art Gallery and Galeri Petronas to see KLDesignWeek stuffs
Too bad photo taking is not allowed

Cupcakes on Mother's Day

Nothing to do, use chocolate to test bao yang or whatever
But seems like no difference

What else?
PC + TV + guitar + Fullmetal Alchemist manga + KOREAN DRAMA?!

Switched to KBS World while watch TV few weeks ago, and started to watch this 2007 KDrama "Scandal in Old Seoul" aka "Capital Scandal"
The more I watch, the more it gets interesting, the storyline is different than most other dramas, 16 episodes only =( And I love all four main characters especially the second main male character/actor(Ryu Jin) :D =X (can't help it 'cause his character's life is so pity and he's very tall and quite good looking and cool and sometimes cute HAHA LOL =X)
And he looking very matching with the second main female character! Like to watch the both of them! hdiwhei!!
And now I'm watching one of his previous drama I Really Really Like You heh (=X)
Well this is the first time I love a Korean drama and Korean actor until I kept google them, but he's the only Korean actor I'll be liking (same age with Hisashi! 1972! D:)

But! Matsuyama Ken'ichi and Ikuta Toma first! And Johnny Depp! Heheh!

Oh ya! And another drama! JDrama! Mei-chan no Shitsuji! :D

Ok... now it makes me want more holidays...Zzzz....
But.. oh well, going to be busy again.... hello ASSIGNMENTS...

OH YA! And this is now my desktop wallpaper!!♥♥♥

Print screen from their 15th Anniversary Special Live 2009 DVD
Edited a bit 'cause the wall is not long enough as a wallpaper..♥
Felt so happy every time when I on my pc hehehheeh♥


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ignore me


Yay! Hisa!! (got this from his Twitter again♥)

Ahhh it seems like I didn't fangirl for so long..
Searching for Hisashi and hide's pics and vids again~~







Ahhh both of them are so pretty ♥♥♥
Hisa is so cute and pretty and cool, hide is so cool and pretty and cute~~
Nico Nico Douga has more nice vids compare to YouTube but there's no embed!



p/s: Happy Mother's Day tomorrow! Lol


Thursday, May 6, 2010


1 week++ left and we're going back to college!
Year 2 for Diploma... going to be a busy year....!
And the result is going to release on 20th May! *hoping for As*

Holiday is going to end, and.. I think I still not having enough sleep
I can't sleep at night, didn't sleep well because of my pillow, too flat and too bulky
There's one night while I was asleep, I had a serious headache and it woke me up
Driving me crazy so I went to the living room's sofa to sleep Zzz
Another night, I mean, a few nights, my eyes were itchy and I can't sleep easily
Almost everyday I have to lay on the bed for 1 or maybe 2 hours before I get to sleep
And I'll be waking up at 12 or 1pm, what a waste of time!
But I can't help it, have to rest my eyes!

And yesterday, I got an ulcer on my tonsil, so distracting!
Put on some salt to make it heal faster, and of course it HURTS! And salty!
But damn bored, I want it to heal faster.. what to do?
My eyes are still itchy and tired and vision blurry though.

Was planning to go to the National Art Gallery and Petronas Gallery to see the KLDesignWeek exhibition alone today, adventure :D
But I can't sleep last night, scare later I faint and fall on the ground, no one is there to help me
So I ask for my sis again to go the weekend, she has car =X


Not having a really great day yesterday, I mean, these few days
Being sad because of hide's memorial day, and, well.. friendship things
But my dad finally brought home the Matchbox 20's Exile on Mainstream that I asked for!!

Weheheh free stuff!! =X (Jeff Beck's HongKong live flyer.. I wanna watch.. :( )
Anyway, I'm ok now, have to be strong!
There's other things for me to do and care for :) <-- lol --- Again, Holiday = pc, tv, guitar....AND! Fullmetal Alchemist comicsss!! I finally finish reading all 26 books in 2 weeks! It seems like going to be the final chapter..? *waiting* Feel like reading my sis' other comics... xxxHolic? Bleach? Keroro? Conan? Tsubasa Chro? Wait..Bleach and Conan too many episodes.. cannot.. not now...
Maybe xxxHolic... Ohh! And DetroitMetalCity!! *w*

Now waiting for Kuroshitsuji and Fullmetal Alchemist's new release!!
Geehhhhh..... *drools*



Surfing in eBay and again yesterday, and sesak nafas again..
hide's ALIVE Taiwan version... OUT OF PRINT.....
So regret that I didn't purchase it earlier....
Now there's only left the Japan normal version which cost RM200++.. not going to buy it..
eBay... I want to buy stuffs... albums singles magazines photobooks merchandise..
hide X JAPAN GLAY....
*created Paypal account but still cant verify it.. sien..*


I want a job.

I'm wasted too much money from my mum
My studies, desktop, my DSLR, my freakin' face
And now, my freakin' teeth.
Going to to braces, finally, in private dental clinic, not government
The total thing, braces, plus plucking out my teeth and later those container
It's going to be more than RM7000

My mum is always worrying about our financial stuffs since.. bahh I don't wanna talk about it
It's going to be Mother's Day, and now I'm giving her worry more financial problems
Everyone in my house are working, having income
I felt really bad that my mum barely enjoy her life
I just wish I can do something...

I hide! *random*


Ok that ulcer on my tonsil is seriously distracting
It's like something(rice?) sticking on my tonsil and I can't swallow it. Ugh.



“好的朋友可以接受任何缺点,不会嫌弃任何东西”... 是吗?



人类... 唉。(看太多Fullmetal Alchemist...Zzz....)

“If you can't find a way いくつものWinding road
愛しさを 憎しみも 全て受けとめて そのまま
この空の下で 君が笑う”



Sunday, May 2, 2010

hide 13th Memorial Day

I thought it's suppose to be 12th Memorial Day..? Whatever..

Watching hide's memorial ceremony live streaming and playing RC
Thanks to the technology for creating live streaming..



Stay free my misery..