Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Erm.. what should I write...? I'm just too bored, so.. here I am.

My holiday life = pc + tv + guitar

Holiday + cashless = boredom

My April allowance
I've already used more than 2/5 for that freakin' assignment
Ate useless "expensive" and unhealthy useless filthy food and beverage - pizza, sushi, McD, bubble tea and Cannes
"Treats" for myself - A new Rilakkuma, new mascara, Rilakkuma and HelloKitty Pretzels
Others - watch 3D movie with U4, and watch PTTeens' drama performance, two ahBoy's handmade keychain(this is for donation so it's ok)

Say hello to my Rilakk. Lol.

And the total of all of these, already overused my allowance. Yay. -_-

I wasted too much. Overused my allowance every month. Don't have any leftovers. Fuck.
And now I can't buy those guitar effect stuffs. Fuck.
I ruin everything. FUCK.

Thankfully, I've got a sister, so that she can lend me some money. (Lol)
And since she's working now, I don't have to use my own money(if only I have -_-) when I go out with her. Yay. =__=

Tired of sitting in front the pc doing nothing. Facebook and msn is useless. Boring.
What else? YouTube. Watching performance.
Oh, and I've downloaded PPStream wtf. But I can't see what it says 'cause I have no chinese word softwares.
Watched Armageddon and Forrest Gump, two nice touching old movies.
And Departures!
Three nice sad and touching movies..

Oh ya, I started to attend Japanese language lessons now.
Organized by MCA, and it's quite affordable compare to other language learning centre..

I noticed I like to take photos of kids, erm.. not a pedo here
But they're just so photogenic and pure.


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