Saturday, April 10, 2010


Finally ended the 3rd semester yesterday, I mean, my first year in college.
Finally passed up our final assignment, and now I'm free!! (Erm, not really....)
Slept at 4am again before passing up this assignment, it seems like I've already use to getting to bed late? Lol.

Headed to 1U to watch How to Train Your Dragon after passing up our final assignment with almost half of my classmates(well.. not exactly, 'cause we separate into two groups to watch different movie)
This is the first time I watch a 3D movie, and it was so fun! Haha!
The dragon Toothless is very cute btw! Haha!

So... I've finish my first year in college.

My favourite assignment of all the 3 semesters -- Semester 1's graffiti
I love to stay at the hostel's canteen with my groupies the whole day, painting the freakin' canvas.
It's tiring, painting whole day, my back hurts, no proper meal, no image walking around bare foot(which I already use to it so whatever) etc etc
But I'm happy to spend so much time with my groupies and kept ter-step the paint or whatever
And happy to look at our canvas, 'cause it's really nice(in my opinion)
Kept sweating like crazy and running around while putting up our canvas.
Everything we sacrifice, everything I sacrifice, it's all worth it.
The best memory in Semester 1, also the best in year 1.
OHHH WAIT!! I nearly forgot!! Besides that, UNPLUGGED IV is the bessstttt memory of all time!!!

Semester 2, I can't really remember anything.
All I remember is the Tshirt and shoe assignment.. and the exhibition day sucks like shit.
Oh ya and photography, makes me don't really like photography anymore like I use to.
And the best is... UNPLUGGED!! Wohoo!

Semester 3.... well it just ended so I still can remember it.
It's short, 2 subjects, Creative&Critical Thinking with 3 assignments and Colour Studies with 2(group) assignments.
I think I'll most probably get an A for C&CT. Quite enjoy the 3 assignments, but I didn't get much sleep, and I didn't fully touch up all the final pieces 'cause I'm tired! And I didn't get to snap their pics! Ughh..
As for Colour Studies, definitely won't get an A 'cause it's obviously not good and not perfect. And now I'm tired of looking at colours.
This semester, is boring. Not.. really enjoying it. And money makes people crazy.
The only fun day is the 2nd day of V-award/exhibition.

So now, I'm waiting for my second year of college now.


Went to watch drama stage performance this afternoon.
It's been a long time I didn't watch, and it feels so.... I don't know, feel like crying at first, but not really after a moment.
After the performance ended, I kept looking around to see whether there's anyone I know, but just a few. Even there is, it's just a "Hi" and "Bye" 'cause I've already stopped for quite some time..
Most of the audience are secondary school students, I feel so old.
Speechless all the way.

One of them asked me, why I quit?
.......I don't know. I just don't have that much passion or interest in it anymore.
And I'm scared of it..


这是前天想的, 不过今天看了演出后.... 还是坚持不要了,当观众吧!


Watch The Racoon's vocalist and another female singer's performance at Bangi Kopitiam behind WangsaWalk just now after going to my grandma's house.
It's been awhile didn't watch and listen to live performances
Feeling good listening to live performance and the sound of guitars..



Sem break, not my holiday yet, still got things to do.
But it's ok, at least I'm not going to do nothing else at home except sitting in front of my pc like every other holidays I had.
But what's not so ok is, I still can't really spend much time practicing my guitar yet.
Not until I finish this mission, then I'll be free. I think.

I want money so that I can buy those guitar effect things, a new amp, an acoustic guitar('cause the one I have is classical not acoustic), a new electric guitar(Fender/Gibson/Fernandes etc, still dunno yet), PRS SE Orianthi guitar etc etc
So I need a job, but there's no time for me to have it.
It's going to be May now, and my plans are not going like what I've plan.
Wasted another one or two months. Great. Just great.

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