Friday, April 2, 2010


My Rilakk watching Rilakkuma's video
Super happy 'cause my friends kept tagging me to watch this vid!
Cute until I want to die!!! Can't resist the cuteness of it ♥♥♥
Thumbs up to the person in the Rilakk mascot! Haha!


Our seniors DML2's fyp exhibition showcase
**Note: Just few low quality pics 'cause i forgot to bring my memory card for my camera -__-

This is my favourite.

I think my sis will love this, selling cute bags
But it's freakin' expensive.. RM*)++ <--lol

And this.. the most happy to see in this exhibition...

One of the seniors' fyp, promoting BTS!! It's just located straight to the Dance Room's entrance
I didnt saw it when I enter, I saw it when I'm leaving wtf!
So happy and keep on syok sendiri when I saw it!! It's their performance at INTI college!
Damn long time didnt see live band performance already...
BTS... and ROSEVELT!!! *sighhh*

DML1's shoes and tshirt, our previous semester's assignments..
So regret that I didnt show my shoes too.. my pretty and yeng shoe.. =(

What la.. I like it a lot ok? This is call syok sendiri..!
But I just like this side, the other side is fugly. Haha


*Long rubbish talk alert.

So... it's April already?

Happy Belated April Fool's! "Weeee~"..... Blah I hated it.
'cause there would be some people play tricks or pranks that is related to their own lives
Like saying they're in the hospital or whatever.
That's not funny, it's just making ppl worry. NOT a joke.
Well I didn't get this kind of pranks before, and I barely get involve in April Fool's
But my frens kena before, and they're pissed.
If I'm the victim in these kind of joke, related to your lives, I'll be pissed like shit.
Joking with lives are not a fun or funny thing.
Who knows it really will happen sooner or later? We'll never know.

"April Fool's joke are meant to be funny. Even to the person you prank. Remember that."
Got this from Rosevelt's Nick from his Twitter. Agreed.

Ok, April..
Passed up our last Creative & Critical Thinking assignment yesterday..
Sleep at 6am++(yaayy broke my record! lol wut), slept only 4 hours
Actually I can sleep more, but I thought the class is 12pm, and it's actually 2pm wtf..
Dark eye circles getting deeper.. yes, deeper. and darker.
Should I praise myself for finishing 2 sets(36each) of pictures just in two days?
Day 1 11pm~4am, Day 2 2pm~6am. Lol. But I'm not the worse, some langsung no sleep.
And Year 2, it's going to be WORST.

I have no idea why human are always saying other people's things are better than themselves.
Like assignments or whatever.. Different people have different thoughts?

Ideas.. creativity.. Even they said I'm creative, I still think I'm not
'cause what I draw is base on every logical things in our lives, not imagination, I suck at it.
Maybe it's because I think too much useless rubbish about life? Lol.

Lack of sleep right now, of course. Headache.
And back pain 'cause sitting on the same spot doing the same thing for more than 8 hours.
The life of a designer? Lol.

Oh ya, I didn't snap any photos of my assignment final pieces this sem!
I wanna faster get them back!!

End of 3rd sem is coming soon, going to step into our second year..
Already a TARCian for a year.. How fast is this?

Recently I've been thinking, why am I taking a DESIGN course?
I wanted to take Fine Arts before this.. But, well, you know..
Parents can't really afford me to study in Dasein, they don't want us to get PTPTN 'cause next time we have to pay it back..
And they said TARC's cert is better etc.. (ORLY?)
Wanted to take GD course but the lecturer on the Open Day said Multimedia Design is better and have wider career prospect etc.. so my parents ask me to take DML..
I can still remember I cried like crazy and angry(?) about this 'cause I don't want this.
But after my mum persuade me.. I was like.. ok.. it's for them..

Now I think back again... Did I regret? I don't know.. Sometimes, yes.
I don't want to create things 'cause I know I'm not creative
I want to draw and paint, play with clays do pottery, oil paint or whatever!
I'm only happy drawing still life drawings, NOT character, NOT animation, NOT cartoons
'cause I can see myself good in this, but not good in THAT
But nowadays, computer design are more important.. so..... Right..?

Went to see Dasein's exhibition at WangsaWalk last time
Looking at their work... speechless.

But what good about studying in Tarc.. not so stress compare to Dasein or MIA or other college.. =D..
Ohh! And and!! If I'm not a Tarcian, I'll wont know Rosevelt and BTS!! :D

Now there's only one assignment left, group assignment, for the V-Awards cum exhibition thingy on next week..
I can say that, we're obviously not the best, 'cause there's too much ppl with great new creative ideas
But our costume.. HAHA geli!! Thankfully we only have to wear on the last day!!

So now I have to wait for this exhibition to end, and...
"Yaaayyy sem breaakkk!!"? Yeah right. Lol.
But I think it's ok..? 'cause we don't have any exam! Wooo~

明天拍剧照.. 又没得迟起了... .__.
小册子.. 传单.. 票... 都还没好....
撑下去,很快就会过了..! DX

Went to Bentley just now after bought the prizes for the exhibition
Already been there two or more times with my sis, but I don't know and don't dare to ask anything
Just see the instruments and stuffs..
And now, I finally got the courage to ask some stuffs! About the guitar effects thingy and pedals..
And I also asked about Orianthi's new signature guitar! It's coming! And it's REALLY affordable for a normal guitar!! (and I never knew there's a lot of ppl surveying it. lol)
But still I cant afford it! Ughh! I need a jobbbb!

Anyway, it feels good walking around alone
'cause I noticed, when I'm alone, I dare to do things or go anywhere I like
Like... *thinks back again* when I was 13 or 14, I buy clothes online without telling my family
And walked to the Maybank near Carrefour from my previous Section 2 F9 home alone to bank in the money.. Without telling anyone again.. hehe.. =X
Ahh, so 佩服 myself~ *hits*

Not a holiday, not my/our sem break yet
Not until after 2nd May... 大家加油吧!=D

2nd May... hide's 12th Memorial Day... =(


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