Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Erm.. what should I write...? I'm just too bored, so.. here I am.

My holiday life = pc + tv + guitar

Holiday + cashless = boredom

My April allowance
I've already used more than 2/5 for that freakin' assignment
Ate useless "expensive" and unhealthy useless filthy food and beverage - pizza, sushi, McD, bubble tea and Cannes
"Treats" for myself - A new Rilakkuma, new mascara, Rilakkuma and HelloKitty Pretzels
Others - watch 3D movie with U4, and watch PTTeens' drama performance, two ahBoy's handmade keychain(this is for donation so it's ok)

Say hello to my Rilakk. Lol.

And the total of all of these, already overused my allowance. Yay. -_-

I wasted too much. Overused my allowance every month. Don't have any leftovers. Fuck.
And now I can't buy those guitar effect stuffs. Fuck.
I ruin everything. FUCK.

Thankfully, I've got a sister, so that she can lend me some money. (Lol)
And since she's working now, I don't have to use my own money(if only I have -_-) when I go out with her. Yay. =__=

Tired of sitting in front the pc doing nothing. Facebook and msn is useless. Boring.
What else? YouTube. Watching performance.
Oh, and I've downloaded PPStream wtf. But I can't see what it says 'cause I have no chinese word softwares.
Watched Armageddon and Forrest Gump, two nice touching old movies.
And Departures!
Three nice sad and touching movies..

Oh ya, I started to attend Japanese language lessons now.
Organized by MCA, and it's quite affordable compare to other language learning centre..

I noticed I like to take photos of kids, erm.. not a pedo here
But they're just so photogenic and pure.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


怎么我从以前到现在还是没有变,一直犹豫不决,决定了又反... 显咯!

根本就不懂要怎样回答嘛.. 随便回答咯,不想啰嗦
现在竟然又参与演一点串场... 还在想着要怎样跟家人讲..
虽然是知道他们不会反对,不过.... 唉呀....!

.........明明退出了,只是帮忙罢了,现在又做么? 又不知不觉加入回了...?
明明是要搞完演出就可以放松,不要接触戏剧了.... 现在叻.....?
有没有搞错啊... 那么容易受诱惑...
都是因为公演延期的关系... 呜....


........本来是没有hurt到的咯,一提到才想到,hurt到了.. 哈哈

因为也许下次自己真的出来工作时,真的遇到这种状况,也难不倒我了 =)

演出延期了.... 很好!
这个拜六很大的机会可以跟姐姐去看Rosevelt表演!啊啊啊啊!XD =X
很久没有看到他们了~~ 呵呵!

林夕剧场,我恨你们,因为你们引诱我.... 呜....!

Start planning. Again.


"All day starin' at the ceilin' makin' friends with shadows on my wall
All night hearing voices tellin' me that I should get some sleep
Because tomorrow might be good for somethin'
Hold on, feelin' like I'm headed for a breakdown
And I don't know why

But I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know, right now you can't tell
But stay a while and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired
I know, right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be, me

I'm talkin' to myself in public, dodging glances on the train
And I know, I know they've all been talkin' about me
I can hear them whisper, and it makes me think
There must be somethin' wrong with me
Out of all the hours thinkin', somehow I've lost my mind

But I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know, right now you can't tell
But stay a while and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired
I know, right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be

I've been talkin' in my sleep
Pretty soon they'll come to get me
Yeah, they're takin' me away

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know, right now you can't tell
But stay a while and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired
I know, right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be yeah, how I used to be

How I used to be
Well, I'm just a little unwell
How I used to be, how I used to be
I'm just a little unwell

"Unwell" by Matchbox 20 ♥

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Finally ended the 3rd semester yesterday, I mean, my first year in college.
Finally passed up our final assignment, and now I'm free!! (Erm, not really....)
Slept at 4am again before passing up this assignment, it seems like I've already use to getting to bed late? Lol.

Headed to 1U to watch How to Train Your Dragon after passing up our final assignment with almost half of my classmates(well.. not exactly, 'cause we separate into two groups to watch different movie)
This is the first time I watch a 3D movie, and it was so fun! Haha!
The dragon Toothless is very cute btw! Haha!

So... I've finish my first year in college.

My favourite assignment of all the 3 semesters -- Semester 1's graffiti
I love to stay at the hostel's canteen with my groupies the whole day, painting the freakin' canvas.
It's tiring, painting whole day, my back hurts, no proper meal, no image walking around bare foot(which I already use to it so whatever) etc etc
But I'm happy to spend so much time with my groupies and kept ter-step the paint or whatever
And happy to look at our canvas, 'cause it's really nice(in my opinion)
Kept sweating like crazy and running around while putting up our canvas.
Everything we sacrifice, everything I sacrifice, it's all worth it.
The best memory in Semester 1, also the best in year 1.
OHHH WAIT!! I nearly forgot!! Besides that, UNPLUGGED IV is the bessstttt memory of all time!!!

Semester 2, I can't really remember anything.
All I remember is the Tshirt and shoe assignment.. and the exhibition day sucks like shit.
Oh ya and photography, makes me don't really like photography anymore like I use to.
And the best is... UNPLUGGED!! Wohoo!

Semester 3.... well it just ended so I still can remember it.
It's short, 2 subjects, Creative&Critical Thinking with 3 assignments and Colour Studies with 2(group) assignments.
I think I'll most probably get an A for C&CT. Quite enjoy the 3 assignments, but I didn't get much sleep, and I didn't fully touch up all the final pieces 'cause I'm tired! And I didn't get to snap their pics! Ughh..
As for Colour Studies, definitely won't get an A 'cause it's obviously not good and not perfect. And now I'm tired of looking at colours.
This semester, is boring. Not.. really enjoying it. And money makes people crazy.
The only fun day is the 2nd day of V-award/exhibition.

So now, I'm waiting for my second year of college now.


Went to watch drama stage performance this afternoon.
It's been a long time I didn't watch, and it feels so.... I don't know, feel like crying at first, but not really after a moment.
After the performance ended, I kept looking around to see whether there's anyone I know, but just a few. Even there is, it's just a "Hi" and "Bye" 'cause I've already stopped for quite some time..
Most of the audience are secondary school students, I feel so old.
Speechless all the way.

One of them asked me, why I quit?
.......I don't know. I just don't have that much passion or interest in it anymore.
And I'm scared of it..


这是前天想的, 不过今天看了演出后.... 还是坚持不要了,当观众吧!


Watch The Racoon's vocalist and another female singer's performance at Bangi Kopitiam behind WangsaWalk just now after going to my grandma's house.
It's been awhile didn't watch and listen to live performances
Feeling good listening to live performance and the sound of guitars..



Sem break, not my holiday yet, still got things to do.
But it's ok, at least I'm not going to do nothing else at home except sitting in front of my pc like every other holidays I had.
But what's not so ok is, I still can't really spend much time practicing my guitar yet.
Not until I finish this mission, then I'll be free. I think.

I want money so that I can buy those guitar effect things, a new amp, an acoustic guitar('cause the one I have is classical not acoustic), a new electric guitar(Fender/Gibson/Fernandes etc, still dunno yet), PRS SE Orianthi guitar etc etc
So I need a job, but there's no time for me to have it.
It's going to be May now, and my plans are not going like what I've plan.
Wasted another one or two months. Great. Just great.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The only clear pic I took this day... So regret that I didnt bring my dslr..
But it's too heavy and I have damn lots of things to take, so whatever. Lol.

Love this thing. Haha.

Fashion Design's exhibition, I like these three

But I think not Victorian enough la.

This looks familiar.. I have one too, the Rapunzel Barbie! (I don't like it 'cause her hair not very long only.. shorter than the mermaid Barbie D:)
But I already pluck away her crown, or else she cant change any other different style of clothes!
(yes, pluck. It is attach using those plastic/rubber screw-like.. screw-without-spiral thingy.. heh =X)
(and yes, I use to play with Barbies! Quite lot of them♥ But now all stuffed into a small box case.. haha kesian betul)


Nowadays de Barbie dolls.. not nice at all.. the quality looks cheap, and she got a bit plastic surgery.. looks a bit different.. sad. So so sad.

Hippie! Love this too!
But not really nice la, colour not quite right
That guy should wear a long wig and some should wear those glasses like Ozzy Osbourne always wears!
And the guitar(so心痛to see that guitar...but i wanna play it! DX) should be a bit like...

This! I mean the colour.
(hide's guitar! Psychedelic~♥)
(no offence, just my opinion DX)

Gothic! I like it too♥

If those blood parts cover a layer of transparent nail polish... owo


One of the booth(dunno what course)'s prize............ RILAAAAKKK!!!
I can't get it..... T___T

My group's booth. Lol.


Macam banyak orang.. ceh. Lol =X
(haha mun yi =X)

Helping other U4 groups to promote their booth~

Their booths(bluuurrrrr):::

Nominated for Best Game Design! Too bad didn't win leh! DX

Fuiyoh.. chee wan gor's group.. so canggih!
tipu orang de... too funny until I keep laughing =X
But still very geng lor.. I hate you guys...

Yeahhh~ (no Chiing inside =X)

Promoting U4 booths~ (got some other people also clip their bookmark here while we're not here. lol)


今天又是一直赖床,不想起床... 很累啊...!
又是赶到满身大汗的.. 化了妆又不能随便粗鲁地抹汗... 显咯。
不过心情好了很多,不知道是不是化妆的关系?还穿到酱可爱(咳咳..发桥 =__=)

DML1的.. 我们这组应该好像是穿到最夸张的吧?
要夸张就夸张到够力一点... 哈哈!

今天很忙很乱!忙得没什么能喝水!又站一整天... 脚痛啊!
没什么参观完全部档口.. 尤其是自己course的!抱歉...!

虽然是说包装很重要... ei等下... 我们的包装...
加上班上的人一直来搞破坏 ,也是帮到我们拉顾客....!谢啦~

因为... 我们全部都没有真正一起聚在一起的!
还是那样分成几派... 显咯...



交了后.. 就可以轻松一些,专注公演的东西了~
........还有3个星期就公演了 God......


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Drank iced Milox3(2 packed and a big mug by myself) + 1 Good Day chocolate milk that is.
I still feel the same, but whatever.
Now my stomach hurts a bit, but whatever.

Less than 2 hours.. broke another record of mine.

第一次电脑一直开着到早上,在客厅听着歌睡(很久就想这样了~虽然是不好睡.. 哈哈)

睡到一半还出来看我.. 我一直发脾气也不骂我,体谅我..


Day 1, down.
Day 2,尽量“演戏”吧,不过一定会带入私人情绪.. 尽量吧。



回到家其实有在想想(诱惑...诱惑...! DX),不过还是坚持了!





不能保证平面设计能不能快点弄好.. 不过我会尽力的...!



Saturday, April 3, 2010


I never knew Hisashi has Twitter!
Got this from his twitter♥

What I always do, open damn many new tabs of blogs to read.
Blogs nowadays.. a commercialize "trend".

So.. Facebook has AmebaPigg now, which is called "AmebaPico"
I'm playing it, but I HATE it 'cause everyone kept asking ppl to "props" them
Which those ppl DON'T do in AmebaPigg
"Props" are for ppl to click whenever they think that person/character looks cute or nice
They will automatic props you if you look good, and they'll mostly props you back as a "thank you"

*Got this from my sis

Since I started searching for those older songs that I use to listen
I kept searching and downloading them, especially Matchbox 20
Use to love them when I was still in primary school, and now I still love them

Love their music. All of them are nice. Really. Seriously. Honestly.
Makes me cool down when I'm angry or moody or unhappy :D
Rob Thomas.. how can he write such nice songs??
(I don't really like Rob Thomas' solo though. Sry, haha =X)

Now I think again.. I didn't really have a western band(not pop boy/girlband) that I reaaaally liked
Except for Linkin Park(Hybrid Theory ONLY), and before them.. MATCHBOX20!
I'm gonna collect their CDs now. Another collection to collect. HAHA!

But.. I still planning to buy other things.. Guitar effect.. Orianthi's SE PRS..
How nice if I have a lot of money.. I can buy whatever I like when I see it!

I'm not moody or keep quiet or angry because of nothing, not without a reason
I'll be still keep on enduring, but someday I'll be exploding in front of you people
You'll see..

Friday, April 2, 2010


My Rilakk watching Rilakkuma's video
Super happy 'cause my friends kept tagging me to watch this vid!
Cute until I want to die!!! Can't resist the cuteness of it ♥♥♥
Thumbs up to the person in the Rilakk mascot! Haha!


Our seniors DML2's fyp exhibition showcase
**Note: Just few low quality pics 'cause i forgot to bring my memory card for my camera -__-

This is my favourite.

I think my sis will love this, selling cute bags
But it's freakin' expensive.. RM*)++ <--lol

And this.. the most happy to see in this exhibition...

One of the seniors' fyp, promoting BTS!! It's just located straight to the Dance Room's entrance
I didnt saw it when I enter, I saw it when I'm leaving wtf!
So happy and keep on syok sendiri when I saw it!! It's their performance at INTI college!
Damn long time didnt see live band performance already...
BTS... and ROSEVELT!!! *sighhh*

DML1's shoes and tshirt, our previous semester's assignments..
So regret that I didnt show my shoes too.. my pretty and yeng shoe.. =(

What la.. I like it a lot ok? This is call syok sendiri..!
But I just like this side, the other side is fugly. Haha


*Long rubbish talk alert.

So... it's April already?

Happy Belated April Fool's! "Weeee~"..... Blah I hated it.
'cause there would be some people play tricks or pranks that is related to their own lives
Like saying they're in the hospital or whatever.
That's not funny, it's just making ppl worry. NOT a joke.
Well I didn't get this kind of pranks before, and I barely get involve in April Fool's
But my frens kena before, and they're pissed.
If I'm the victim in these kind of joke, related to your lives, I'll be pissed like shit.
Joking with lives are not a fun or funny thing.
Who knows it really will happen sooner or later? We'll never know.

"April Fool's joke are meant to be funny. Even to the person you prank. Remember that."
Got this from Rosevelt's Nick from his Twitter. Agreed.

Ok, April..
Passed up our last Creative & Critical Thinking assignment yesterday..
Sleep at 6am++(yaayy broke my record! lol wut), slept only 4 hours
Actually I can sleep more, but I thought the class is 12pm, and it's actually 2pm wtf..
Dark eye circles getting deeper.. yes, deeper. and darker.
Should I praise myself for finishing 2 sets(36each) of pictures just in two days?
Day 1 11pm~4am, Day 2 2pm~6am. Lol. But I'm not the worse, some langsung no sleep.
And Year 2, it's going to be WORST.

I have no idea why human are always saying other people's things are better than themselves.
Like assignments or whatever.. Different people have different thoughts?

Ideas.. creativity.. Even they said I'm creative, I still think I'm not
'cause what I draw is base on every logical things in our lives, not imagination, I suck at it.
Maybe it's because I think too much useless rubbish about life? Lol.

Lack of sleep right now, of course. Headache.
And back pain 'cause sitting on the same spot doing the same thing for more than 8 hours.
The life of a designer? Lol.

Oh ya, I didn't snap any photos of my assignment final pieces this sem!
I wanna faster get them back!!

End of 3rd sem is coming soon, going to step into our second year..
Already a TARCian for a year.. How fast is this?

Recently I've been thinking, why am I taking a DESIGN course?
I wanted to take Fine Arts before this.. But, well, you know..
Parents can't really afford me to study in Dasein, they don't want us to get PTPTN 'cause next time we have to pay it back..
And they said TARC's cert is better etc.. (ORLY?)
Wanted to take GD course but the lecturer on the Open Day said Multimedia Design is better and have wider career prospect etc.. so my parents ask me to take DML..
I can still remember I cried like crazy and angry(?) about this 'cause I don't want this.
But after my mum persuade me.. I was like.. ok.. it's for them..

Now I think back again... Did I regret? I don't know.. Sometimes, yes.
I don't want to create things 'cause I know I'm not creative
I want to draw and paint, play with clays do pottery, oil paint or whatever!
I'm only happy drawing still life drawings, NOT character, NOT animation, NOT cartoons
'cause I can see myself good in this, but not good in THAT
But nowadays, computer design are more important.. so..... Right..?

Went to see Dasein's exhibition at WangsaWalk last time
Looking at their work... speechless.

But what good about studying in Tarc.. not so stress compare to Dasein or MIA or other college.. =D..
Ohh! And and!! If I'm not a Tarcian, I'll wont know Rosevelt and BTS!! :D

Now there's only one assignment left, group assignment, for the V-Awards cum exhibition thingy on next week..
I can say that, we're obviously not the best, 'cause there's too much ppl with great new creative ideas
But our costume.. HAHA geli!! Thankfully we only have to wear on the last day!!

So now I have to wait for this exhibition to end, and...
"Yaaayyy sem breaakkk!!"? Yeah right. Lol.
But I think it's ok..? 'cause we don't have any exam! Wooo~

明天拍剧照.. 又没得迟起了... .__.
小册子.. 传单.. 票... 都还没好....
撑下去,很快就会过了..! DX

Went to Bentley just now after bought the prizes for the exhibition
Already been there two or more times with my sis, but I don't know and don't dare to ask anything
Just see the instruments and stuffs..
And now, I finally got the courage to ask some stuffs! About the guitar effects thingy and pedals..
And I also asked about Orianthi's new signature guitar! It's coming! And it's REALLY affordable for a normal guitar!! (and I never knew there's a lot of ppl surveying it. lol)
But still I cant afford it! Ughh! I need a jobbbb!

Anyway, it feels good walking around alone
'cause I noticed, when I'm alone, I dare to do things or go anywhere I like
Like... *thinks back again* when I was 13 or 14, I buy clothes online without telling my family
And walked to the Maybank near Carrefour from my previous Section 2 F9 home alone to bank in the money.. Without telling anyone again.. hehe.. =X
Ahh, so 佩服 myself~ *hits*

Not a holiday, not my/our sem break yet
Not until after 2nd May... 大家加油吧!=D

2nd May... hide's 12th Memorial Day... =(