Sunday, March 14, 2010


Went to out with my sis yesterday.
We're suppose to watch Alice in Wonderland 3D, but we're too late.. Haven't buy the tickets..

Instead of staying around in Times Square, we went to take purikura(it's been a long time we didnt take together D:)!
And of course.. comic shops, figurine shops, gashapons etc.. Lol

And.. I bought this..

Well I always wanted to buy one since I started to love Dororo
But it's not priority, so I just forget about it. (X JAPAN/GLAY/hide comes first! *drools*)
But now.. it's been a long time I didn't buy "expensive" stuffs for myself..

Back then when I still got the money from work(before SPM result is out la), I use to buy X JAPAN/GLAY/hide photobooks and stuffs.. which cost like.. RM80~RM200++ each... *__*
(I'm NOT wasting money!! it's COLLECTION!!! I can't resist it! DX)
Which is why now I'm "broke" and can't buy those stuffs anymore.. I don't have any extra money..
(if you're close to me, you'll know that I always very giam siat buy bread or the same food again and again.. 'cause I want to save money! But in the end still overused my money wtf)

ANYWAY! This isn't that expensive compare to those Gundam figures.. it's just RM33++ what..
(after I bought it my wallet is empty.. but nvm 'cause i'm with my sis.. HAHA =X)

And guess what after I open it?

It's not the model I want =(
I just want a normal, original Dororo.. Not this..!

So we went back to change it at night.. which is.. jam like crazy..



Actually I don't remember me doing these stuffs in my childhood, not really interested in it
I just remember my sis does it, and I just play the finished figurine (BB Daman Bakugaiden!! XD)
And now I'm doing it.. which.. I was having a hard time 'cause I scare I'll broke it..
But I still pluck those parts until very ganas.. 'cause it's very hard pluck it and attach it etc etc..

After few hours.. (LOL hours)

(but so sad.. 'cause it's eyes is not sticky anymore 'cause I kept tear it out..)

Well, all thanks to those three person, I love Dororo. Lol


ji@wei said...

哈哈~finaly u buy it~
sooooo cute >w<

KaedE said...

dorodorodoro~~ cute hor??
u all also go buy la =(

ji@wei said...

i cant found cute de giroro T_T

KaedE said...

at sg wang got ah
i buy at sg wang near green box there de