Monday, March 29, 2010

4 in 1

Went home late this day, walked from tbr to tarc busstop to wait for bus
I love walking alone in the dark
It feels really good, peaceful and calm..
And you don't have to see other people's faces
I think everyone should try this
But.. unless you're brave enough and sure that you can protect yourselves
'cause, well, you know.. it's dangerous if there's someone suddenly appears and attacks you

Went to Sg Wang w/ MunYi and Chiing, to buy clothes for our exhibition
I still can't believe we bought it, and we're gonna wear it in those few days..
Wonder what we're gonna wear? Stay tuned for our exhibition. =_="

Finally watch Alice in Wonderland!! Wanted to watch it since last year 'cause..
It's Alice in Wonderland! Duhhh...(their clothings are sooo victorian!♥) And it's directed by Tim Burton!!
And I wanna see Johnny Depp(yaaayyy♥♥♥)! And Bellatrix Helena Bonham Carter(love her since she plays Bellatrix in HarryPotter)! And Alan Rickman(Severus Snape haha) as the caterpillar!
The Mad Hatter is sooo cute!! Really love Johnny Depp! He's a really great actor and he's always sooo into the characters he plays! ♥♥♥
And Helena's powerful voice and firm voice, awesome..! Also a great actress! (but I prefer Bellatrix 'cause Bellatrix is cool and crazy!)

Tim Burton + Helena Bonham Carter + Johnny Depp = awesomeness
'cause three of them are weird and AWESOME!!

I wanna watch Sweeney Todd again, and so is Alice in Wonderland..
I wanna watch again!! Mad Hatterrr!! Johnny Depp!! =X


Went to climb hill with my dad and sis.
At first I thought it's going to be fun 'cause I had never climb before
It's ok at first, but then I started tired and it seems like there's no end!
Then I remember I never like climbing or walking on slopes when I was a kid
'cause I kept felting that I will fall or whatever
Climb the hill until want to faint wtf..
and reminds me of Confucius drama camp.. climbing the stairs everyday until I shiver..
What weird is, I'm not afraid when climbing down the hill.. swt

*Stairs and handles built by a few nice old uncles (dad's fren said that)


My hair haz colour!! *winkwink*

Time for dogs..! (all colour correction-ed 'cause they're not nice =\)

It kept showing it's arss wtf

Good timing. Lol

And wtf is this?


Erm.. I should be doing my things now...

Oh ya, and i felt so 自卑 'cause I'm weaker than a bunch of uncles and aunties!
整个人爬山爬到很喘!失败.... 到了上面那些uncle aunty看着我.. paiseh到...
我竟然忘了,这个学期不像上两次是14weeks,而是7weeks罢了, so it's the same wtf

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