Thursday, March 11, 2010


2nd sem's result is out today!
I almost forgot about it 'cause I've been rushing my assignment until this morning 4am++
Long time didn't stay awake until so late, but no choice la
'cause can't think of any great ideas for the assignment

I forgot the result is out today until I saw other ppl's shout out in Facebook this morning around 11am ==
So I checked without lagging.. and.. erm..
My grades almost the same, As and Bs, same amount with the first sem
CGPA drop a bit eh D: Got a B+ for Basic Photography =\
But TITAS.. A.. wtf.. (yay shows that I did put effort.. didn't waste them :D)

Drama meeting.. tickets.. entrance...
Oh my god... I'm still imagining what it going to look like on those two days..

Passed up Creative & Critical Thinking's first assignment
And the 2nd one is here..
I think this subject is quite ok 'cause those assignments aren't big
But Colour Studies group assignment... exhibition...
Have no idea what to do ffs...


Oh ya, what I've mention here about ZONE is the first in my Japanese girl band list
I've changed my mind, I prefer Chatmonchy lol
'cause ZONE is too commercialize, Chatmonchy is more 实力派
ZONE become.. the fourth place.. lol sry..
I prefer 实力派


Colour Studies.... Not fun.

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