Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Note: Fangirl post

Saw Katori mentioned the performing list of MUSIC JAPAN this week in her blog
And omg!! Orianthi is in there too!! DX *sesak nafas!!*
I click onto MUSIC JAPAN's official site immediately... ....!!!

Yay I get to watch Ori live in TV!!! (Thanks Astro for having NHK! Lol)
Hope it won't rain that day, or else I can't watch it..

Oh ya and she's taking part in the remake of the song "We Are The World"!
Yayy!! :D


Went shopping for CNY clothes with my family yesterday, and I got nothing.
Didn't find anything that I really like just as usual...
Even if I saw something that I like, it would be freakin' expensive
I rather buy X JAPAN/hide/GLAY stuffs or guitar stuffs or other stuffs more than these.
That is why I hate shopping.

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