Monday, February 8, 2010


Went out with my sis to buy CNY clothes
But before that, trimmed our hair and...

Sometimes I really prefer using digital camera more than DSLR
Dun have to set the exposure and stuffs, and it's more easy to bring

Yes, Fullhouse again Lol.

It's been awhile we didnt go out together 'cause we're both busy!
Now I'm free like shit but she's still have to work!

Pavilion's deco

Beca.. RM30 a ride. SO CHEAP. (yea right)

*Just a temporary rebonding.. look like a guy just as usual ==
@Forever21 again, to visit and let my sis see MY boots =(
And again, play with those accessories and sunglasses and hats etc

Shop more than 10(or 20?) shops in around 4hous++
But I only got a long sleeve shirt, a long skirt(♥), and a snowcap(♥♥)!
And guess what's my first purchase before these clothings?

(a bit regret to buy the left one coz it looks ugly... D:)

MORE COLLECTION!! *wink wink wink*

Reached home, and got this news

Accident. Dad hit a Toyota... kena pay money of course..
Felt kinda bad myself 'cause I feel like wasting his money a lot..
But I don't do much shopping, so that's ok..? :D

Went to JJ with my family to buy shoes.. I love my white sport shoes so I didnt buy :3
(plus, non of them can win that boots that I loved.. sigh..)
Oh ya, met Carin there! So shock suddenly appear while walking! ==||||
Never expect to see anyone I kenal. Lol.

10.35pm, waiting to see Orianthi on Music Japan!
So happy to see her performing on TV!
BUT. Dunno why they skipped her performance before she sing the chorus!!
I was waiting to see her guitar solo... SERIOUSLY PISSED.

CNY clothing purchases:
1. JJ
- a shorts. Already wore it once.. ==

2. Isetan
- a SEED singlet which I regret 'cause I see wrong price tag..
- feel quite weird to buy SEED's clothes coz I work in it before, and they're still selling A LOT of those old stocks that I saw when I just started working in SEED. Lol =X
- hate shopping in Isetan 'cause everything is pricey but dad still wan bring us there..

3. Times Square
- none ==

4. Setiawangsa AU2
- 2 clothes

5. Sungai Wang
- 1 clothes, 1 skirt, 1 snowcap

I really hate to shop in Times Square or Sg Wang, 'cause you get to see the same clothings everywhere...
But no choice.. the clothes there is more affordable(i think..).. =(
Why won't they open different shops for different type of clothes?
Like Shop A sell all girlish clothes, Shop B sells Mori clothes, Shop C sells Lolis, Shop D sells rock-ish clothes...
It's easier to shop like this..


Going for a trip with my family tomorrow! ♥

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