Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twitter Addiction

*FOURTH post for today LOL*

Ok I'm addicted to Twitter.

Now I can online using my phone, it makes it worst. (and phone bill increase..)
Everywhere I go, I'll be surfing Twitter using my phone!!
I tweet whatever I'm doing etc etc!

I know I can use sms for Twitter, but... I've already sent "start" to Twitter
3 times, 3 different days.. but there's no replies!!
Twitter is seriously eating my(dad's) money!! 'cause I'm addicted to mobile web -> Twitter!!

Ok.. There's Twitter, there's Plurk
I had a Plurk account, but I never used it 'cause it sounds like.. puke. =X
Just had a Twitter account, 'cause.. well.. I've always wanted to open an acc..
Adam/Kris/Allison/Megan and the other AI8 has it...
Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift has it...
ROSEVELT has it...
So..... =D LOL
And "tweet" sound more cuter than "plurk".. (Lol wut?)

And now I'm seriously addicted to it!
And I just released my angry about some FAMOUS msian blogger.. which is a bit related to hide...!! I AM PISSED!!! HMMP!!
I don't really like him/her/it anyway, fake, copycat.. CEHHH!!

Ok continue Twitter..

Just now on the journey to 1U, in 1U, and back to college
I kept checking my Twitter to see if there's any updates from Rosevelt!
When I saw their tweet about they're doing sound checking already.. I was like.... o_____o
I'm at 1U, they're at The Curve... NEAR!!!
We can't go... very sad that we can't go...
But Josh(the guitarist la) said that study priority.. So I'm not that sad anymore :D

BUT! When I reached home, my sis asked me why dun want go The Curve visit them for awhile before I leave while they're doing sound checking...
But I'm not the driver la.. tak kan the other 5 have to purposely go there just to let me say Hi to them mar..... ........NO. D:

Well.. They've already ended their performance for now..
'cause their the first one to perform.. =(

But there's always a next time..! =D
(but... only after our exam... *cries*)

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