Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tidy up!

Yay I finally tidy my room yesterday start from around 5pm! FINALLY!

Chargers and other plugs.. Lol.

Actually I didn't sleep in my own room normally, I sleep together with my sis in her room
So my room had become something like storeroom, just.. with a bed, closet.. table...
Well visually is a bedroom, just added some useless boxes, paper bags, papers(notes), a lot of stationery, dust... yeap. I barely clean up that room. =X

Ok.. there's some parts of the room that I like..

★"Parts of the room that I like" Ranking Top 5★
(Lol imitate Music Station)

Ranking No. 5

Erm.. I didn't really tidy up this part actually.. Just wipe the dust and arrange A BIT..
But there's quite lots of memorable stuffs here, like...
-Presents from my friends(primary school and secondary school), my cousin, from myself, my sis
-Handmade birthday card(and paperclip) from Yvonne(and some of 5A) and Chiing(Lol)
- the most memorable one, that thing on the left with the "NEW".. Got it during the last night of drama camp in 2006(the first time I attend drama camp), celebrating Christmas.. awesome..

(I'm someone who loves to think of the past memories, that's why I keep a lot of "rubbish" ^^)

Ranking No. 4

My guitar stuffs! Well.. there's not much stuffs here OBVIOUSLY..
But it will be increasing for sure. ^__^)b

Ranking No. 3!

My hair tools.. my "ga chang"! Bought it when I was.. 15? ...or 16?
Expensive... My own savings...
But buying things that I like, it's worth it! ^___^)b

Lol Camhore after straighten my hair.. =X
But not very straight 'cause my hair is too thick!

Ranking No.2!

(Top of my bed)

THIS PART! Haha! :3
-Rilakkuma stuffs!
-Tsukasa small figurine
-A few CDs and DVDs
-Baby cows and a milk radio(i bought the radio just for deco lol)
-Meiji Fran's packaging(lol)
-Poring wallet(Yes I'm a RO fan, but I didn't play it anymore since secondary school)
-Teru teru bozu(晴天娃娃).. one of the important props that I used in my secondary school drama performance.. I'm still keeping it nicely ^^

CDs and DVDs..
There's a few Michael Jackson's CDs and DVD that I bought last time after his death..
The others.. all Japanese ones of course. Lol.
There's just two CDs I bought it myself in
And the others are all free, my dad got them from his friend..
You can see there're two same GLAY I am XXX Limited Edition Single
One of it I bought it myself, the other one is from my dad's friend.. so, that belongs to my sis.

OH WAIT! I forgot I still have stuffs to to in my room!! (brb)

YAYYY!! Clear up the left part(text books) put them to "somewhere" else (=D)
And replaced them with my loves! ♥

X JAPAN/hide/GLAY related magazines and photobooks!
I bought all of these in last year, when I was still working in JJ's SEED for 2 and a half months while waiting my SPM result.
Yes.. I spent my income on buying my first electric guitar and these stuffs..
Their price? Not cheap. But for me, it's worth it :D
Yes.. I rather spend my money on these stuffs rather than clothings or accesories or those stuffs that makes you look pretty. And I'm lovin' it! *winks winks* HAHA!

(Syok sendiri)

I'm feelin' fine~
Feel fine~ what's this feeling I'm feeling~ (singing Rosevelt's song LOL =X)
I WANT MORE! I didn't purchase anything since I started college!! *drools*

Yes.. RILAKKUMA Pretzels! (and a random Hello Kitty one.. lol)
These, compare to those Rocky sticks.. Of course it's not cheap...
But I can't resist the cuteness of Rilakkuma... *drools* owo

Later then I started to explore something using my camera's flash since I didn't really explore
'cause I don't really like flash..

Direct built-in flash
Using a small piece of paper stick near the built-in flash, slightly bend up words..

Sighh.. last time when I was doing Photography assignment I never explore my camera 'cause I was having quite a hard pressure and frustrated, so I didn't really thought of these..
Now I got the time, and finally I explore it. =__=

And now.. it's near to the end.. the final ranking..

I have a lot of these useless CD racks at home, my mum was going to throw/recycle these
Then I asked her not to throw 'cause maybe I can do something with it..
I was thinking of.. maybe I can use them as decoration racks..?
But later then I thought of something waaayyy much BETTER..

I was actually browsing for capo eBay and guitar stand or guitar racks..
'cause these day's I've been practicing my guitar, and I just always put them on the bed
And now.. Yay! I don't have to buy guitar stand or guitar racks for now!
But next time I'll buy it! >:3

Ok.. guitars... guitars......

RANKING No. 1!!!

YEAHH! My loves! My kids! (LOL)
So happy to look at this part ♥♥♥

Ok! So that's all for the ranking! *claps* (wtf =__=?!)

Oh ya, I accidentely cut my thumb yesterday when I was opening the tin can drink.
Bleeding... Pain... *shivers*

This is the next day, which is just now..
Was changing the plaster..

Another view

I tell you, if I bare the pain and continue to open the can
This small part of my thumb's flesh will be gone...

Time to take a nap...

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