Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shirt & Shoe Design Exhibition

Most of the photos either over/under exposed or blur.. So.. yea.

And didn't get to take some of other groups' work. (But it's good 'cause my skill today sucks.)


Free gifts from U3. Tang Yuan. Haha!

Random abstract shot.

The last photo I snap with my Rilakkuma phone strap..
Dunno jatuh kat mana.. *cries*


Basically.. we were expecting it's going to be a great day but.. well.. Whatever.
Didn't get to see our seniors' exhibition.. we're looking after our booth...
DML2 seniors' music video exhibition.. when we reached they're having lunch already..
AML seniors.. we're also looking after the booth...
And then MunYi have to settle something, we got 义气 so we didnt go see! Haha we're so nice! XD =X

I have to say, this is a bad day for "us".
But I do enjoyed the process of doing these assignment with you guys..!
Kept screaming and cheering.. Glad that we recorded the process!
Funny memories! Hahaha!

Process of shirt design @ my house

Testing *good* Lol

Trying to figure out how to use it..

Before ironing. Gan jiong..

Masih gan jiong.

Dun have the final photo of it, will post it later. Or maybe not. Lol.

My shoe design process..

Started @ hostel

Used pelaka, not fabric paint(those belongs to Chiing). Lol.

Lol ugly photoshop.
The left bottom part was obviously failed. But I've already drew it so there's no turning back. *sigh regret to write chinese/japanese words.. damn fugly*

I only love this side.. D:

Mine was not chosen, but.. that's ok, 'cause my design is freakin' common.
It's just the painting and drawing skill I had. I'm proud of it! Haha!


*The skyview this evening
My mum and sis woke me up just to see and snap photos of it.
Blur+snap pic.. Lol.

Tiring day.


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