Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rubbish talk (blah)


I've been thinking quite lots of things these days..
I noticed there's quite lots or things that I love, I'm not really REALLY good at them..
Drawing, designing, photography, music, drama theatre...
Yea maybe for other people I'm good at some of these, but still it's just average (or maybe less/more than average).. there's A LOT of people are better than me..!

Between the few of these, I've already quit drama...
Read my drama mates' blogs.. They just came back from the drama camp few days ago..
Reminds me of myself in those days.. I do miss the days in the drama camp, just blame myself stupid for not attending it last year(I mean, last LAST year - 2008)..
They are getting better and better in it.. most of them joined Tea 2..
And my drama juniors.. some of them(or should I say most of them) are wayyy better than me now.. They have more potential than me..
Too bad I didn't went to see their performance that night.. it would be awesome to see them shine on the stage..

So.. did I regret to quit drama..?
I'm not so sure actually.. I think I didn't regret...?
'cause.. even though I didn't get much drama memories this year(last year), I get other memories that I wanted.. So basically it's a tie..?

The thing I regret about is, I quit/stopped attending drama lessons before I graduated from high school..
If I didn't, I think I won't be like this..? (I think)

Actually.. I don't really like to do those drama lessons anymore 'cause it's tiring..
I just want to do a production with them.. (which is erm... a stupid thought..?)
I just want to experience again the teamwork.. and maybe perform on the stage.. (which I got no chance for it anymore)

Anyway I've already chosen it..
Between my studies, music and drama, I chose to eliminate drama..
So, yea..

But I might be helping them for their performance few months later..?
And maybe will go back to see my juniors during their camp at school, take their photos etc..

But no matter what, I still won't forget about the memories..


Music...! I'm still aiming for it.. I still wanna have a band..! Haha..
But studies comes first.. So... *sigh*..
"Supportive parents are very important" huh..?
I know that my parents won't be supporting me if I tell them I wanna be a guitarist(they only know I wanna be a photographer, which.. I don't.. really want to be anymore.. now..), they're more into reality life..
There's just my sis who supports me.. and people around me that I know, none of them are like me..
And there's a lot of talented people out there.. I just know a little guitar chords.. So it's kinda(REALLY) hard.. ...
But I'm not going to give up on this! I wanted to do this since I was 12 for freakin' sake!!


Studies. *yawn* It's still the same.
I think in this semester my grades or CGPA is going to drop..
Now I just know I got an A(Typography), hope that the other 3 subjects(100% coursework) I'll be able to get As too(but it's quite hard 'cause a lot of people are better than me)..
As for TITAS and English for Com test.. I just want a B+ or B for TITAS and B+ or A- for English for Com('cause it's kinda HARD!!)

Ok I'm lazy to write more rubbish now, I still have to study TITAS (which I'm still sitting in front of my pc.. yawn boring..)


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