Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Numb" by John's Mistress

I never knew this song is by John's Mistress until I search in YouTube
(wanted to know how "Numb" sound like)

When I heard it, I was really REALLY shocked 'cause it sounds REALLY FAMILIAR!
I remember I heard of this song MANY TIMES in those days when me and my sis listen to EVERYDAY!
when I was still in primary school around standard 3 or 4!
My sis was shocked too when she listened!

I never thought that this song is from our local band!
(I just listen to the songs without knowing who's the singer.. except those famous ones like NSYNC etc.. Lol)
If I'm not mistaken.. I remember I thought the vocalist is someone with long blonde hair =X
I thought I never listen to John's Mistress' songs before
But mana tau I've listen before, like.. long time ago!

Sigh.. I really miss those music in those days..
All of those songs played in the radio were all really nice!
But now? UGHH! Ugly music...
Just got a few nice songs.. But mostly sucky songs..

Back to doing revision..! Ahhhh!!

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