Monday, January 11, 2010

@ JJ

Went to JJ to have lunch with Yvonne and Kenji just now!
Sambil give a surprise cake for Yvonne 'cause her birthday is coming soon! Heh!
McD + Secret Recipe chococake + choco sundae = FAT!! DX

What nice about our JJ is.. huge mirrors everywhere!



Mirror (i dun wanna crop that woman away 'cause it's funny =X)


Ok no more! LOL.

The last time we went out together was... last year in May!
So now we gather today just 'cause long time didn't gather
Plus.. we dun wanna face our notes preparing for exam everyday..!
It's just a simple outing, just walking around in JJ
But we don't need fancy outing to be happy, simple ones are enough
Just relax!

But now I have to face my notes again.. *yawn*
Nahh maybe later..
I'm glad that we're only having 2 subjects for exam, only one of if we need to memorize!


Yesterday was a sad day, 'cause.. well same reason again
We can't go to watch Rosevelt competing for the third place in Library's Got Talent or Not?..! (lol wtf..)
If it wasn't exam, we're already there (missed the moshpits..=( )
Instead of going to eCurve(where TheLibrary located at), we went to Pavilion(food court la) to have our dinner
Well duh.. it's more closer to where we stay compare to eCurve..
But anyway, glad that they won! Yay! =)



=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

GOSH! You look so much like your sis I thought you were Kei in the last pic!!!! O_O

KaedE said...

what...?! nooooo!!! DX