Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Note: Post that you won't wanna see. Seriously.

I am pissed.

This, I cut it from our local newspaper. X JAPAN related news.
(if anyone doesn't know, X JAPAN is one of my top favourite band)
Finally. A X JAPAN related news in our local newspaper.
I should be happy right?
If you guys wanna know the news, just click the photo above to enlarge it or click HERE.
But some of the things written in there was a bit.. not so right
And it's in chinese, so....

OK I just type it here what's about the news.
X JAPAN's vocalist, TOSHI, was announced he's got bankruptcy and was already divorced with his wife, Moritani Kaori aka WANKU(ugh weird name) since like.. 10 years ago, 'cause that bitch is with that MASAYA, which TOSHI was his "follower".
Well TOSHI had some personal trouble in those days, so he thought MASAYA and that WANKU was his life saver, so then TOSHI quit X JAPAN.
And in the end, their tricked him, TOSHI's earnings allll was given to the both of them.
And MASAYA and WANKU were actually.. together..?

Quite lot of X Freaks hated TOSHI because he joined MASAYA(who looks like a nice person Ugh) and quit X JAPAN.
And MASAYA was a group about self soul healing or I dunno what organization's head that more of the people said that it is 邪教(i dunno what's that call in english)
So.. yeah.. TOSHI has his own "healing" solo career which makes him look and sound like an old man(think is my personal thought, but it's true! =X)
Etc etc etc...

And now, TOSHI finally tell the press about everything.
Well... it's too late now. But good thing he finally woke up and realize whose the good and the bad.

Because of MASAYA, TOSHI quit X JAPAN in 1997.
Because of TOSHI quitting X JAPAN in 1997, X JAPAN disbanded.
Because the disbandment of X JAPAN, hide died.
I wonder what will happen now if TOSHI didn't quit X....
hide might still be in this world...
But things can't change anymore, right..?

X JAPAN versus TOSHI's solo career is a BIG difference
TOSHI's solo career is soft song soft musics, folk songs, "healing" songs
Where X JAPAN's songs are heavy metal, metal, and nice beautiful ballads.
So if you just see their image, you'll be thinking X JAPAN is the bad guys, MASAYA is the nice guy.

This is how X JAPAN use to look like (yay awesome XD =X)
The second on the left is TOSHI

When he started to join MASAYA.. he become like this...

And... THIS

The one on the right... is HORRIBLE!! His solo career after he quits X..
The left one is 2008, which was the reunion concert of X JAPAN
Looks soooo much better!!!

Ok.. That ex-wife of TOSHI said that her heart would never change or whatever..
BLAH!! Nonsense!!
Ok ok so maybe, MAYBE she's just telling the truth, how she really feel
But how can she treat TOSHI like this?!
If she really loves him, why she treat him like this?! Ughh!

Glad that TOSHI is finally back to the original self!
You don't need those two, 'cause you have X and we X Freaks!
WE ARE X!!!!!! ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ


Actually.. This blog title.. and the beginning sentence about I'm pissed...
I'm not talking about the news actually, I'm talking about the freakin' LOCAL NEWSPAPER PRESS!!!

Why am I pissed about?

You see, X JAPAN has quite lots of big news few days ago, last year, and last LAST year
About their reunion concert, their WORLD TOUR in different countries like HongKong, Taiwan, Korea.. Later will be in Paris, China, Thailand...
And week ago they went to Hollywood for their MV shooting..
And etc etc etc..

Those foreign newspaper press talked about them. Glory news. Headlines.
What about our local ones? NONE.

Wait, last time there's once, about them planning to have their tour at "Big Nest" in China
In the same news they talked about YOSHIKI's injuries too. (which is not a good news)
This news, if I'm not wrong, I was still in Form 5.
Yes, one and a half year ago.

And finally, after one and a half year, finally another news.
A bad, ugly news.
What they wanna do?!

That is why, one of the reason I don't like about this country.
They only post entertainment news from the Westerns(of course, this is good) and HongKong, Taiwan, a bit of China, a bit of our local ones, a bit of Korea and Japan news.
Most of the Korea and Japan news they post, are 98% drama series or movies.
What about music? .....

Ok don't talk about Korea or Japan music..
Everywhere in our country, most of the people, I mean most of the Chinese
Listens to Chinese(duh.. but not for me) song and English songs.
And most of them listen to pop, R&B, HipHop, Rap, Techno, Dance etc..
But there's not much people listens to Rock. Either Poprock Rock'n'Roll or soft rock or whatever rock
Well some of them do listen to Linkin Park(I miss Hybrid Theory D:) or Green Day..
But not many! Just some of Chinese love rock..

And for rock, most of the people who love rock
Are mostly Malays and Indians, but Chinese...? Not many.
I still remember last month when me and my sis attend Rock The World 9
I can only see Malays everywhere, few Indians
Chinese..? Only me and my sis, Rosevelt(Nick and Byran), An Honest Mistake(except bassist), John's Mistress(guitarist and ??? forgot..|||)... that's it.
Well maybe there's more, I just didn't saw it..

Swt why am I talking about these..
Ok first of all, I'm not racist although I talk so much about it right now
Malaysia has many races, I wanted to known everyone as Malaysians
But there's a lot of aspects that you can see is different, according to their races
I'm surrounded with Chinese, yea of course I act and talk the Chinese way
But the interest part.. It seems like not many Chinese love artsy stuffs..
I mean like.. performance arts, music sense etc etc
But most Malays are talented and have passion in these stuffs
Next will be Indians.. But Chinese... again, not many.

Ok I've just typed alot of rubbish talk here.

Anyway, glad that X JAPAN is finally "X JAPAN"!

Time to practice my guitar...

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