Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Exam tomorrow!

Lol I didn't notice it's already 14 Jan tomorrow! English test!
Can't get an A.. even if I get full mark(which is impossible) I only can get A-
'cause the lecturer gave us low mark for our coursework...*growls*
So.. maybe a B+..? (Noooo B for english..?? SOB!! T___T)

16 Jan TITAS test.. been studying for this subject for more than a week!
Not sure whether can get A or not la 'cause I didnt really memorize..
B already enough la..

So yea, these days I've been doing revision, but sambil online juga la of course..
Facebook(nth to do), Twitter(same), YouTube!
Watched GLAY and X JAPAN's recent vids!♥
Gonna put videos again which you people wouldn't want to watch
So, BYE.

I love GLAY's ballads.. love Teru's vocals!
GLAY's countdown live.. One of my sis' best friend(Suki) went there!!
SO NICE!! She finally get to go to GLAY concert and see them in person!

And this is X JAPAN in Hollywood few days ago.
Finally they appear again! (but can't see PATA and YOSHIKI and hide's guitar D:)
But the vid just last a few seconds though..
And when it's going to reach hide's solo, the video ended.. SAD!

This is hillarious! They're chanting for "Orgasm"(one of X JAPAN's song la..)
But in the end they played Endless Rain LOL
And their conversation is funny! Haha!

I think SUGIZO is a bit annoying.. But that's him so whatever.. lol
hide's guitar on the right..!

The news

Lucky Americans.. =(

GLAY and X JAPAN are always AWESOME! Weee~

p/s: I don't feel like doing revision.. But I just have to. =(

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