Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bye Sem 2!!

*Walking to exam hall (Lol my phone's shadow =X)

YAY!! Finally ended our 2nd semester's exam!
And now is officially holiday for us DML1 students(expect those who resit, good luck though)!
Glad that I'm in this course! Rush assignments like crazy, but exam just got few~

Didn't go anywhere after the exam.. But.. that's ok.
I can relax at home :D

So... how was my exam? English for Communication and Tamadun Islam dan Asia aka TITAS..!
Two nights before the tests, I can't sleep well. Nervous.

The english test is.. quite tough for me actually..
My brain was blank, can't process properly to think anything!
But I still wrote a lot of rubbish.. hopefully I get a B+.. if can A- la.. but.. nah...

TITAS! Just finished it this morning!

Been studying for more than a week until I wanna die and give up.. seriously.
Because it's too boring and I've been facing it everyday.. EVERYDAY!!
Keep on practicing and memorize the essay part, didn't really memorize the objective part..
You won't wanna know how much I've practiced...
So does this morning, practicing again + listening to John's Mistress' songs ♥

The sky is beautiful this morning, and the radio in the car was playing Orianthi's "According to You"! ♥ Then switch to another channel and it's "21 Guns" by Green Day!
So I think.. Nice weather + songs that I love = A nice day = Lucky? = no problem in exam..?
And.. it is a good day!

Well there's around 10 questions that I'm not sure/don't know the answer(swt)...
But the essay part is AWESOME! I answer the questions like crazy!
My hand is freakin' tired 'cause I kept writing like I'm copying from the teks book or notes!
Eventhough the questions just need 10 points, I still write everything I practiced and "copy" into my brain!!

So... I guess I didn't waste my effort? ^^ ^^^^^^ <--- happy eyes! LOL (but also thanks to our lecturer for the tips! Haha!)
Can't really memorize ALL those other stuff, so I just put more effort to the essay part..
But actually I don't really think there's no way we can memorize all those things
Actually we can, but we're just tired of it, looking at sooo many words!
Our brain has space limit, but the space limit is 100% more than we think..
I'm sure it's even bigger than 32GB.. Well we have two brains for freakin' sake!
Sooooo... if anyone always feel like giving up or said that there's no way you can memorize everything
Don't think like that, just be patient and think positive, Or else there won't be any improvement! (but if you dun want then nvm lor.. make yourself unhappy only...)

Lol it's quite tough (and weird) for me to study/do revision like crazy before any tests..
'cause I don't really study or do revision when I was in secondary school and I'm not good in memorizing stuffs.. But I'm glad that I did now =)
Or else I'll be ruin my future and wasting my time, blaming and hating myself!

Well.. not really 'cause my sis is still having exam, can't really go anywhere like band performances.. D:
And I wanna dye my hair...! But my mum won't allow us to dye!
I don't want black hair.. which look very dark.. and messy... D:

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