Thursday, January 7, 2010

BYE 2010

Me and my sis really wanted to go, but we can't.

I mean, we didn't actually asked our parents permission
But dad kept saying "Remember to study" etc etc 'cause we facing our exam soon
And my sis kena scold by my dad because of her assignments..
We know our dad quite well, so... even we didn't ask, we knew the answer is "NO"
Plus it's at The Curve(which is far from where we are), 9pm(which is late.. for our parents)
So.. yea.

Bye 2010..
Bye John's Mistress (thought we finally got the chance to see them perform, but..)
BYE ROSEVELT!! *cries*

And this also means, we can't go to The Library this Sunday to support Rosevelt too..
Because of? EXAAAMMMM!!!

So sad.. I really have to go to S.A.D office already.. (wtf?)

Time to go to college. Bye.

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