Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Went to Times Square to Yvonne just now, 'cause she wanna buy present for her sis
And I wanna go to Lot10 Tower Records to buy Orianthi's album!

Yay! Finally bought it! (am listening right now ♥)
It cost RM45++.. later I found out it cost RM43++ in Pavilion's Speedy..
.....but it's ok.. it's just RM2! Blahh! (lol.. money...)

Sylvanian Families.... so cute.. *drools*
I'll buy them next time...

Ate JCo donuts... This is the first time I try it
And it's.. just ok... I can't really tell the difference with Big Apple..|||

Toilet Lol.

Later then lepak in Forever 21.
Screw our image, we don't care, just wanna have fun! Haha!

I looovvveee these shoes!! Looks so cool!

I know not really match my clothes.. ignore it.
I just wanna show the shoe!

I want.... really really love the shoes!
But it's freakin' expensive! (and I don't know where I can wear to.. lol)

Play with knitted snowcap

This scarf+snowhat is really cute! Snowhat and scarf attach together wan!

End of the trip today.

Might be going out with Yvonne and Kenji on Thursday.. Maybe go to Fullhouse.

p/s: Oh ya and I pass by Bunkface while they're performing beside Lot10! Actually I didnt know it's them 'cause I don't know how they look like, but they're performing "Situasi", the only song I know from them LOL =X But thanks to Ting I get to know this song! Awesome...

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