Friday, December 31, 2010


These are the things I remember the most in 2010....?

Awesomeness -Adam Lambert Live in Malaysia
Glad - Tea Time 17
Normal - Lone Trip
Tired - Year 2 Sem 1
Most Shock - Camera nearly being snatch away Never really mention bout this before, a GREAT experience

Basically I think there's no difference except for the age
College "year" is different with the normal "year" =\
Everything goes according to semesters.. lol.

Btw I love that fb status coding game
I love telling ppl how I think about them(not face to face la so embarrassing lol)
And I want ppl to tell me what they think about me
A way to improve yourselves, plus some memories
And you get to see part of other ppl's true sides
I love it.

Reached home late last night, and made my parents worried again
Because of? Drama again..
Went to watch their(Milkygreen and Tarc drama group) performance in the drama camp
HELL! They kept using music from 3 Idiots and "alizzwel"(all is well)!! D:
Felt weird and kept having goosebumps, especially while watching those higher level groups..
There's more ppl getting stronger, so are my juniors and my fellow tarc drama friends XO

I won't be saying that I regret for quitting it 'cause everything is fine right now
Not just fine, it is quite well actually, had involved in two projects
One of it is some production project, which is a bit related to acting, entertainment stuff
Not doing the acting part, but at least something related a bit to it.. =)

Gonna have pressure sooner or later
Never collaborate with other ppl before for this 5 sems
Always the same group of ppl, and they're all girls
Now this one? All of them are.. guys. I mean most of them Lol.
And I don't know them in person plus most of them are pros in our course ffs!
Can't wait to see how they do their work =S

Learning from experiences.. that's what I want and what I need.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Handed all our assignments FINALLY!
But, there's no celebrations. Boring. BORING.

Relief now, but not exactly 'cause there's two final tests left
And I still have to help my cousin do their wedding video
And tshirt design logo for the drama ppl...
not sure whether they still want it or not tho and I haven't start doing it..

And upgrade my pc.. it keeps on collapse last night =(
*added* lol.. cleaned my system unit at night and it works fine now
thanks to my sis for reminding me the dusts in there

No celebrations.. no xmas celebrations.. no etc etc...
Whenever we meet up, it will be just assignments and birthday celebrations
Boring.. Other than this, it is still boring. =\

Love this edited pic of mine! Macam so abstract, I like!
Thanks to MunYi! Wahaha

2010 is ending soon..
Not much feeling, 'cause our college "year" is different
Money, can't help much..
Dreams, yea.. still can't reach it...
So, yea.

Time to sleep.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Xmas, nothing special
Presents from my bestest best friend aka my sis are always special and cute ♥
Early presents from my mum is also cute
Dinner is so so 'cause there's not much desserts to eat (which to me, is the most important dine in a buffet)
And no more.

RTW 10.. Sigh...

Now I'm just waiting everything to be done
The last assignment and those two tests
Then I can sleep as long as I want everyday!


Forgotten to mention this!
Accompanied my sis to hunt for boots on Xmas and had A&W @ WangsaWalk (take away)
While waiting, they gave us this! A small cup of A&W root beer!
Never had this before... so cute! XD

Friday, December 24, 2010


Finally submitted these three tough assignments
(tvc, short film and instructional design)
The instructional design final work.. had preparation to let the lecturer shoot us
'cause compare to most of the other groups, they seem like put more effort than us
(mainly games la but our main thing not games pun, but still felt a bit...)
But NO! "Fortunately".. somehow the lecturers liked it?
And somehow "offered"(lol is this the word?) us to join an award thingy!
I was like... huh? 'cause I don't get what he/they mean
And when I heard "fjheuefer award fiehfioef", I "o___o?!"
We never expected that! I mean.. who would ever expected?
Well since there's a chance, why not give it a try? As an experience.

Huhuhu... never really represent on something big like this before
Except for calligraphy competition during primary school which is quite useless for the future
And err... drama performance... =)
Oh ya, and KRS pertandingan kawad/formasi... (where's my cert? I still haven't got it. Oh well, it's useless)

1 year eh... need a new group name already instead of "PANOZS"? LOL

Home alone in Xmas eve right now
At least I went to have lunch with my classmates
Which makes it.. uhh.. not fully a boring day -__-"

Xmas eve.. home alone...
One more assignment left to do
Might as well do some of it right now since I got the time
Don't wanna make myself nervous breakdown due to last minute work again
I had enough last night, by exporting videos...
Gonna add more memory and a new processor...
More cash burning...........feeling bad... =\

Christmas.. not having a good one comparing to the last one
There no xmas event in college(booooring), no outing
No live band performances, no jumping and head banging..
Rock the World 10 on 26th Dec, not attending 'cause no company..
It's been few months we didn't watch any live, as in Rosevelt's live
There's only 2 times in this year, April at Monash Uni and September outside Pavilion
Luckily Orianthi and Adam came :D

................ughhhh really hope than Adam will come back for his next tour!!
And Orianthi too of course :) But ADAM!!!
Still can't forget the awesome moments especially during "If I Had You"...!

Oh well, let's see next year :D

GLAY is still THE best ♥
Really love the way how Hisa play his guitar, which is why I love him ♥♥♥♥♥
Suddenly remember something! GLAY is going to hold a live
Whichhh is specially for people who're born in the year of Heisei
Which is start from year 1988 to... now(still going)!
But it's in Japan Q__Q

Ok, gotta do rotoscoping now.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Heheheh Hisa had Facebook account and finally he approved my friend request!!
Now browsing his photos post by the fans heheheheh *jumps around*

*nods* :3

:( @kurokei

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Two weeks left till the end of 14 weeks
Four assignments to submit
Two final tests to attend
Six days to Christmas
Two weeks to 2011
Two months plus to the 3rd semester
Five months to finish diploma...

9th Dec

Video and Audio assignment TVC shooting @ Kepong

12th Dec

Video and Audio assignment short film shooting @ Klang

14th Dec

2D rotoscope video shooting(more like playing XD) @ Kepong

17th Dec

Belanja Jane for her birthday @ Fullhouse
(sorry.. too expensive... DX)

Because of these four days, we're all broke!
Three days of different shootings
The most smooth without any problems - tvc shooting
The most tiring day - short film shooting
The most fun and craziest day night - rotoscope

It's tiring, but had fun 'cause I don't usually or sorta not allowed to go out at night
Only allowed if it's for a "mission" like for studies/homework or practice(it was for drama last time which i'm quite not allowed now..)
Or some gatherings.. which erm.. there're like only 1 or 2 times a year?
So this time, thanks to these video shooting assignments?

Blaming myself for being stupid during secondary school life
But it's all good, had all my own lessons.


Christmas is coming.. any plans for Christmas..?

Waiting for the coming semester break...
I need to sleep more and stay away from the internet
Just like what I did last sem break!
And relax....
And maybe... get some money....

Oh ya, and I know what I want for Christmas
A 2~4gb memory card for my phone!
I can't stand a 256mb memory for another year
And a guitar capo, for both classic and electric guitar...
Plus a pack of new classical guitar string...
Right.... I'm talking shit..

Downloaded Hybrid Theory and P!nk's Greatest Hits
And all Paramore's album (I'm so slow)
Gonna download all the albums I want from here Ugh I should have found this site earlier
And if I've got the money, I'll buy them all...
I wanna be like my dad, collecting CDs... :D

Oh, and Paramore's lead guitarist and drummer leave the band
I'm not a huge fan, but it IS a sad thing
Especially when the both brothers are part of the founder of the band
Should have attend their live last time in Malaysia
But.. oh well.. I've got no cash $$$

........sem break...


Thursday, December 16, 2010






不过还是会无意地想那些没用的东西... unconscious mind.. -_-

不过这个sem.. CGPA应该不会上升...

所以.. 该内疚还是什么?


明天presentation,后天日文考试 x___X

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


最近在家都很显,render和export video等到显
有时还一直hang着collapse就not responding
显... 显啊----!

飙车... 不是飙到很快啦,不过很爽~
想回上个礼拜有两次差点撞车怕.. 都是我的错,不看好没有车 -__-
嗯.. 妈妈off day整个礼拜.. 有得驾就尽量驾~~~

Yeah! LOL
(Honey and Clover's Peter Lucas)

对了,幸好2D rotoscope换去Week 14交了
我要早睡迟醒~~~ (不过应该也是十点多就醒了 -_-)

还有拜五有moral presentation!!! FORMAL presentation!!!
又要手震到够够力了... T___T



Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Finally bought an external hard disk.. (so plain ugh)
Pre-rendered a video which is less than 3 minutes
Full HD, 1980 x 1080, more than 40gb...
Felt like dying when my hard disks only have a total less than 30gb space
(2 hard disk only 149gb each x_x)
Now I know.. cannot render the same size.. T__T

Now have to wait my dad come back from outstation to help me bring my system unit to upgrade it DX

My mum bought me early christmas present!
RILAKK!! Hehehe...


Busy with cousin's wedding few days ago (f.......)
Photographer or videographer... whatever...
All the photos I took are not nice, blur and dark and noise... the white balance.. f..
And the videos, got some part of the ceremony didn't record them
'cause battery finished wtf... fail...

Left: that's not my bag, it's my grandma's
Right: Lol reach home set tripod XD Sien lor.. the youngest in the family but the second tall one...

Normally I didn't really care what to wear to attend a wedding
Just a jeans and sport shoes and tank top and a jacket (wear once skirt with heels la but felt kekshui eh)
But this time it's different 'cause it's my cousin's wedding
Plus I have to act like a photographer so must wear more yeng *cough*
And we have stay at the reception place to collect those money etc..

Aiya my boots.. tak nampak la sien...
Just the pants and boots are new
Shirt is the one we wear during V-Awards
And the vest I bought for my sis (mum pay la)

Heheyyy outside wear boots
Inside pink socks =X

Oh ya, the best entertainment in a wedding is...
Laughing at those people who sing(mostly female).. which is horrible *cough*
I know it's bad, but since they sing horribly and still want to sing
So we laugh la.

My youngest cousin's masterpiece XD

Oh, and.. guys are so pity during wedding.

OH! And!! My camera fell on the road, but luckily it landed from the bottom part
Which is somehow protected by the tripod attach thingy, so nothing spoil
And while recording I didn't notice there's a longkang behind me
So when I step backwards, I fall into the longkang
But no injure or camera spoil, just kena a bit mud on my shoe and the longkang water is clean lol
And while recording, because they took too much time to let the groom in
So end up my camera battery finished...
Lucky? Unlucky? I.don't.know.

And.. anti-"sb4m" (unless I'm old enough? lol)
I don't wanna ruin my future because of a sudden "surprise"


Besok tvc shooting, hope everything go smoothly
Still got short film and 2D rotoscope
Total 3 videos to shoot, plus one more instructional design
This week is Week 11, next week(Week12) moral presentation..
All four final assignments pass up at Week 13, which is next NEXT week
Wow... how fast...

Somehow I felt like assignments are not that stress like Year 1 anymore
What's more stress?
Other extra missions that people gave you
Those are more stress, and the "deadlines" are more tight
I "can't wait" to step outside the college to work in this field in the society *dies*

Oh ya, and I can't wait for Christmas!
Well last Christmas was the best 'cause me and my sis went to live band performances
Not sure what this Christmas will be, but I just love those Christmas songs!

Anyway... hope it won't rain tomorrow! DX

Tuesday, November 30, 2010



今日の旅は 良い感じと思う

今朝のデジャヴは 僕は笑った ww


眠たいな... 俺は午前三時眠って

今月 終わり。

Monday, November 29, 2010


*tik* (teardrop) ='(

Why YesAsia... why do you have to do this to me......???
I only buy Japanese CDs from you, I'm a loyal buyer **
I wanted to buy them, but now I have no money
Once I have money, I will buy them, but....
Why you wanna do this to me... WHY???



Changed my blog background! Feels like go-green (HAHA SIEN LOR!!)
Wanted to change back to my previous background 'cause this template cropped my header!
And it has birds flying images behind my header >__>"
And I can't find the width coding! If only I know css...
css... coding.... script.... FLASH ACTION SCRIPT!! *DIES*

Oh, it's Week 10 now, and tomorrow is the last day of November (bye, again)
Handing another assignment tomorrow
Four assignments left to go, I think?
All of them are tough works...
But I think the previous semester is WORSE
As in the amount of assignments plus some other extra stuffs to do
Memang gile... driving me crazy!

*listening 愛を歌おう by 絢香

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bye Nov

Always wanted leather boots since I was a kid, my cousin have it and I think it's sooo cool
And especially when I started to love Hisashi from GLAY (but he's was platform boots)

Aiya can't see the heels!!

And now I finally got myself a leather boots! *tears of joy*
Carlo Rino 50% off ehh, become RM80++! (thanks mum! :3)
It's not better than that boots I saw last time at Forever 21, which has more metal stuffs *cough*
But at least the price is reasonable, leather quality is good, and they have my shoe size!
(the one in Forever 21 cost more than RM200 and I can't wear their biggest size, size 8.. cis..)
And now most of those leather boots all with sharp high heels
so 难得 found a flat heel leather boots! >_< size="1">(KRS boots were my first boots but they're not included and I can't wear it anymore, so small)
Kept syok sendiri when I reached home!
Gonna wear it at my cousin's wedding next week
Not sure when is the next time I'll wear it tho.. lol


Just now my dad let him drive his Kembara
I've only drove my mum/sis' manual Kancil frequently and mum's Myvi once
Now finally drove my dad's car(the engine is slow tho)~ *jumps around*
Always felt very happy and excited whenever they let me to drive
But felt so emo whenever I drive like shit, it feels like daring your life
Manual cars are really cool, but I'm always scare that it will mati
Because of over-thinking, I drive like shit!


Need to pass up an assignment next Tuesday but haven't done....
It's going to be Week 10 next week, also the end of November...Bye.


Garfield and Friends, Mummies Alive!, The Centurions, Penelope Pitstop, Josie and the Pussycats
Tom and Jerry, The Flinstones, The Jestons, Scooby Doo, The Addams Family
Yogi Bear, Top Cats, SWAT Kats, Captain Planet, Where On Earth is Carmen Sandiego
Pink Panther, Popeye, Winnie the Pooh, Gummi Bears, Alvin and the Chipmunks
Cow and Chicken, I am Weasel, Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Extreme Ghostbusters
Mickey Mouse, Fantasia, Duck Tales, Mighty Ducks, Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop

Peterpan, Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty
Lion King, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Bambi, Alice in the Wonderland
Lady and the Tramp, Fox and the Hound, 101 Dalmatians, Jungle Book
Robin Hood, The Rescuers, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Mulan
Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Toy Story, Pocahontas

Anastasia, Swan Princess, Thumbelina

Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Muppets, Elmo, Bear in the Big Blue House, Big Bag
Honey, I shrunk the Kids

Rocko's Modern Life, Invader Zim etc
Kenan and Kel, All That, Figure it Out!, Clarissa
Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven, Dave the Barbarian

Crayon Shin-chan, Doraemon, Akazukin Cha Cha, Cardcaptor Sakura
Fushigi Yuugi, Slam Dunk, Ruroni Kenshin, Vandread, Cooking Master Boy

etc etc etc

We don't have gameboy or PlayStation when we were young
But we have TELEVISION!
I can't imagine what will my childhood be without television!
Only got toys and plush dolls! (:D)

Monday, November 22, 2010


去Wangsawalk,终于看了Harry Potter

又来一次冒险,走路回家 而且还穿着冷衣,够热 ==

failed panorama

Mukai Osamu!! ♥♥♥
很想买收藏啊... 没有钱,很久没有买了

姐姐朋友在英国留学时买的纪念品 XD

刚才自己笨,破坏了要给姐姐的礼物surprise.... FAILED!!!
But I'm still a good sister, yes? YES :3

*added* 101122

差一点忘了昨天看完戏后去打street fighter
玩完了一看.... 小弟弟来的!!!(=A=|||||||||||||

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


“Sekai ga Owaru Yoru ni”

Lyric translation//
Although the lonely night is over,
A relatively good morning will come.
After all, nothing has really changed.
Everyone is joining hands for some reason.

Although the empty moment is over,
The all-too-familiar silence comes.
Dammit! The world has ended already.

That child and this child let go of their insecurities.
I’m not in on the joke, Hey Hey Hey

If I was God,
I wouldn’t have made this world.
Love, the name of my protection,
Was empty after all.

Although a flower blooms in the desert,
I again wonder about the cause of this disaster.
After all, because there is no growth,
Everyone is turning their eyes away for some reason.

Although a gentle wind blows,
The surrendered soldiers come.
Dammit! My heart is already full of holes.

Still, somewhere there are various reasons
As to why I’m broken for the first time, Hey Hey Hey

If I was the devil,
I wouldn’t have made this world.
The hourglass of life
Was empty after all.

It’s a waste of time to dwell upon this subject, the stupid laughing voices and lies.
I continue to search, because I’m empty.

If I was God
I wouldn’t have made this world.
Love, the name of my protection,
Was empty after all

If I was the devil,
I wouldn’t have made this world.
The hourglass of life
Was empty after all.

Kanji & romaji lyric//

たとえば孤独な夜が過ぎ Tatoeba kodoku na yoru ga saki
わりと良い朝が来る Warito yoi asa ga kuru
どうせ変わりやしないのに Douse kawari ya shinai no ni
みんな何かに手を合わせてる Minna nanika ni te wo awaseteru

たとえば虚しく時が過ぎ Tatoeba munashiku toki ga saki
馴れ馴れしい静寂が来る Narenareshii seijaku ga kuru
しまった!もう世界は終わっていた Shimatta! Mou sekai wa owatteita

あの子もその子も不安ぶっ飛ばしてさ Ano ko mo sono ko mo fuan buttobashite sa
いけてないジョークで Hey Hey Hey Iketenai JOOKU de Hey Hey Hey

わたしが神様だったら Watashi ga kamisami dattara
こんな世界は作らなかった Konna sekai wa tsukuranakatta
愛という名のお守りは Ai to iu na no omamori wa
結局からっぼだったんだ Kekkyoku karabbo datta nda

たとえば砂漠で花が咲き Tatoeba sabaku de hana ga saki
また不幸の種かなる Mata fukou no tane kanaru
どうせ育ちやしないから Douse sodachi ya shinai kara
みんな何かに目をそらしてる Minna nanika ni me wo sorashiteru

たとえば優しく風が吹き Tatoeba yasashiku kaze ga fuki
後悔の兵隊が来る Koukai no heitai ga kuru
しまった!もう心は穴だらけだ Shimatta! Mou kokoro wa anadarakeda

今もどこかがいろんな理由で Ima mo dokoka ga iron na riyuu de
壊れはじめてる Hey Hey Hey Koware hajimeteru Hey Hey Hey

わたしが悪魔だったら Watashi ga akuma dattara
こんな世界は作らなかった Konna sekai wa tsukuranakatta
命の砂時計は Inochi no sunadokei wa
結局からっぼだったんだ Kekkyoku karabbo datta nda

Himatsubushi dekiru wadai wo kudaranai waraigoe to uso wo
Sagashitsudzukeru no watashi karabbo dakara

わたしが神様だったら Watashi ga kamisama dattara
こんな世界は作らなかった Konna sekai wa tsukuranakatta
愛という名のお守りは Ai to iu na no omamori wa
結局からっぼだったんだ Kekkyoku karabbo datta nda

わたしが悪魔だったら Watashi ga akuma dattara
こんな世界は作らなかった Konna sekai wa tsukuranakatta
命の砂時計は Inochi no sunatokei wa
結局からっぼだったんだ Kekkyoku karabbo datta nda

ughh i want their album collections....

**lyric credits to this wordpress


不喜欢开学/上课的原因 - 会习惯熬夜

这样的话我的脸几时才会好..... T__T

为了未来的前途... 唉,真是麻烦...

刚才下午吃了蛋糕(chocolate indulgence~ hehehe♥)
不能再吃了... 继续肥啊...




不同的cheese cake,好像试吃酱~
受不了蛋糕甜品的诱惑... 又增肥了~~


Saturday, November 13, 2010


Compiled all those food pictures I took those days while looking back at those photos...


Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Half

Summary of first half year 2 sem 2 (only the things i remember)
- Glamnation Tour
- alone in a cinema
- submitted 2 exercises and 1 assignment.. only
- spent quite a lot on eating
- planned to lose some weight but now starting to eat more again
- not rushing my assignments
- snatch theft


After 6 weeks, we finally starting to be busy
Gonna present(two presentations) and pass up an assignment tomorrow
Mid term test on week 8(next week) and week 9 (haven't study anything yet)
Pass up another assignment on week 9 (haven't done anything too)
And what else? I have no idea how many assignments we're gonna do next
'cause there's no proper briefing

Finally changed my desktop wallpaper ♥ Hisaaa~♥
Jiro looks weird here tho...



*added* (101112)

Both presentation just now... faaaaaillllll......
Have no idea why those hidden files will appear in the pdf file on the mac
It's not like this on my pc.. zzz
And I'm still nervous like shit in presentations... hate it....
Oh well, another few tasks has ended~

Oh ya, I nearly forgot tomorrow is my sis' convo(dunno it's for her adv dip or bach degree)!
Missed her convo last time 'cause I had a performance at New Era College
Gonna snap photos Nom nom nom :3
But don't have super zoom lens... blaaaahhhh XA <--lol random emoticon i created while spamming with my sis

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


もう一週間だ この悪夢はまだ怖いです...

あの瞬間に 本当に怖かった...


Thursday, November 4, 2010


Merchandise again... I WANT!!!! T____T

Wednesday, November 3, 2010




没有像他们那么严重的话 你也还是算幸运的
虽然有点自我安慰这样 不过总好过一直埋怨吧?

最佳 经典台词,“我没有酱容易死的” (虽然没什么关连...)


愿他们有机会回去Zaman Jahiliah
这样他们会好过一点 开心一点。

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


And I'd give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
And sooner or later it's over
I just don't want to miss you tonight

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And you cant fight the tears that ain't coming
Or the moment of the truth in your lies
When everything feels like the movies
Yeah you bleed just to know you're alive

And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am...

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm here again... bored...
Had "no choice" but to do revision at home (lol this IS what I suppose to do)
Since we're only starting to do our assignments next week(/this week? today is Sunday)
Got "nothing" else to do... now I'm finally start doing some revisions
It's scary while flipping those notes, 'cause they're quite confusing
Art Law and Moral.. both boring subjects.. I don't wanna fail any subjects =\

(eww suddenly feel like puking and fainting for no reason
wait.. maybe it's because I haven't have my lunch yet.. blah)

(oh wait, I think I know what's wrong.. I can't taste anything on the tip of my tougue
I can't taste the filet burger and nuggets and chili sauce's taste D: )


Just created another playlist for myself while studying...

- I Drive Myself Crazy
- Falling
- Music of My Heart
- I Thought She Knew
- This I Promise You

Adam Lambert
- Aftermath
- Time For Miracles
- No Boundaries
- Starlight (Muse acoustic live cover)
- I Just Love You (cover)
- Mad World (AI9)
- If I Can't Have You (AI9)
- One (AI9)

Megan Joy (AI9)
- Put Your Records On
- For Once In My Life
- Turn Your Lights Down Low

Kris Allen
- Falling Slowly
- The Truth

Matchbox Twenty
- If You're Gone
- Bright Lights
- Unwell
- Unwell (acoustic)
- Push (acoustic)

Red Hot Chili Pepper
- Under The Bridge

Savage Garden
- I Knew I Loved You

Michelle Branch
- Good Bye to You
- All You Wanted

- Champagne Supernova
- Don't Look Back in Anger

Sixpence None the Richer
- There She Goes
- Kiss Me

The Fray
- How To Save a Life

Kings of Leon
- Use Somebody

- Believe
- Feels Like Home
- Drive Away
- Untogether
- God Only Knows
- Don't Tell Me That It's Over
- Courage

- Here We Go Again
- That's What You Get
- Franklin
- I Caught Myself

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
- Maps

Nick Jonas and the Administration
- Who I Am

The Killers
- Mr Brightside

Florence + the Machine
- Kiss with a Fist
- Drumming Song

The Ting Tings
- Great DJ

An Cafe
- Meguriaeta Kiseki
- Golden Wing
- Nanairo Crayon de Egaku Hikari

Nakashima Mika (as NANA)
- Hitoiro

- Last Song
- Rain

Hirai Ken
- Aika (Elegy)

Hitoto Yo
- Hanamizuki

Hamasaki Ayumi + Gackt
- Itsuka no Merry Christmas

- Itoshii Hito

- Cat Walk
- Yasashisa
- Hotaru Hotaru
- Saraba Seishun
- Joshi tachi ni asu ha nai ★
- Renai Spirits
- message
- Otogi no Kuni no Kimi
- Dai Dai
- Sunao

- Fuyu no Etranger
- Precious ★
- Haruka... ★
- Apologize
- Hitohira no Jiyu
- Way of Difference
- Haru made ha
- White Road ★
- Natsuoto
- I'm in Love
- summer FM
- Ikigai ★
- All Standard is You
- Muyuubyou
- Christmas Ring
- We All Feel His Strength of Tender
- Sotsugyou made, ato sukoshi
- Street Life ★
- Tomadoi
- Zutto futari de...
- However
- Special thanks
- Hello My Life
- Good Bye Bye Sunday

- A Story
- LEMONed I Scream (cover by shame)
- FLAME (cover by Zeppet Store)
- Good Bye (Yoshiki piano tribute) ★

- Crucify My Love

- Jojoushi

Tachibana Keita
- Candle
- Hidamari no Hana
- Kimi no koe
- Koe
- Renai Michi

- Somehow
- This Time ~negai~
- Love Train
- Dedicated to You
- Deny
- Eien no Tochuu
- Gift


ayaka ★
- Blue Days
- Eien no monogakari
- Story
- Mikaduki
- Jewelry Days
- Why
- Minna sora no shita

- Goodbye Days
- I remember You

- Ajisai
- Caramel
- Eru
- Life

Sugarawa Sayuri
- Sunao ni narenakutte

Otsuka Ai
- tears
- Renai Shashin
- Cherish
- Friends

*Added (101101)

- Hanging By A Moment

The Calling
- Wherever You Will Go

Melanie C
- When You're Gone (& Byran Adams)
- Never Be The Same Again

Goo Goo Dolls
- Iris

*Added again* (101102)

Alanis Morissette
- You Oughta Know
- Ironic

- If Only
- Mmmbop

Celine Dion
- It's All Coming Back to Me Now

- Don't Let Me Get Me
- You Make Me Sick
- Get The Party Started
- Just Like A Pill
- Family Portrait
- Please Don't Leave Me
- So What

The Corrs
- Breathless
- Runaway

The Moffatts
- Miss You Like Crazy
- Misery
- Bang Bang Boom


Wellp, I've wasted my time doing these...
But who cares.. I love it!

And I love Hisa and Teruki~~~

From his RX-72 blog~ めっちゃカッコイ♥

輝樹さんもカワイイ! ww

*cough* random *cough*


Wellpppp, gonna spend my dinner with my dad tonight since my mum and sis are not at home
Poor us.. poor "crabs" (as in the horoscope Cancer.. me and my dad both are Cancer lol)

Ok continue revision Zzzz

P/s: I really lost my Art Law report brief....

Friday, October 29, 2010


Just like what the title said, bankrup...

要不然我上college就真的只是做assignment罢了酱显 Zzzz



Thursday, October 28, 2010


但刚才终于肯出了,去KLCC~ (最方便的嘛)


所以想看看下是怎样的... 虽然我已近退出戏剧了,不过还是会想看的,毕竟我曾经是那些人,还是喜欢舞台剧的...
好惨啊.. 如果发生在我身上还是身边的任何人... 不敢想象..
(回到家查看原来是演School of Life的"Mr.D"~ 怪不得觉得有点像啦~很暗看不出~)


去Rock Corner看有没有要的CD...
唉,有GLAY的... 不过没有限量版的,而且没有那么多钱 Zzz

过后又去Petronas Gallery看看下画展,反正有时间
有一副画看了几分钟因为很抽象一下,看画家是谁,原来是Jolly Koh!
<< 这幅
去年sem1的时候要写Intro to Art的report去BalaiSeniLukis的时候


差不多要三点就回了,顶不顺shopping centre的灯光
弄到眼睛累又头痛... Zzz.....

-两盒Rilakkuma pretzel (为了收集包装罢了,浪费钱)
-Florence+the Machine专辑"Lungs"~ 原来他们是Universal的!Wikipedia没有写!要不然就跟我爸讲就有free的 *咳咳* 下次吧~
-姐的生日礼物,下个月她生日 :3

这个月... 够力超用.... 没有什么储蓄了....

自己走街... 还好啦.... 应该很多人都试过吧?


唉算了,睡一下.... 累...

没有睡到,今天日长夜短,以为还早 -__-
等下跟姐去AU2逛,有Jcard fiesta~

Monday, October 25, 2010


一直有功课做的就只是2D Animation罢了
Video and Audio还没brief(还没看老师给的tutorial site的video,现在才看...)
Instructional Design想不到好的idea,而且很难做一下...
Art Law.... .......|||||


昨天下午跟迪生阿康他们还有几个戏剧学弟学妹去prima那里玩board game
玩这些不错下的,考脑和创意... 正是我需要的东西 - 创意 DX

每天这样.... 真的是要死了啦.....

过后就去了Delicious....! 吓死我~~
虽然吃过那里的蛋糕,不过还是第一次去,好像很high class一下的
而且我穿到超随便的 - 每次穿的尊孔营tshirt(很旧一下),短裤和拖鞋...

去到cake的地方,当然是叫chocolate cake啦(还有vanilla milkshake)~~~
可是我叫错了... 这个不是我认识的chocolate cake.... *伤心*
不过算了吧~ 已经戒了几个星期吃蛋糕了,现在吃真是开心 ^^ (顶.. 肥啊....)


班上发生了一些意外... RIP......

开始一直syok sendiri因为很大个screen
不过挡着后面的人,而且screen太大.... 加上mouse很难控制....

上lecture class的时候...





Adam Lambert演唱会开始前拍的... 伤心啊没有动到那些球 =(
不过还是一个很难忘的一天.. 爽啊!


这只好笑到~~~ 只会这个方向,另一个方向不会了~



全身生麻/假麻... 那时还跟朋友打羽球,变得更明显 -__-


另一只... 恐怖到.. 一部分眼睛罢了 XD

姐姐朋友的姐姐定婚~ 马来人的仪式... 超壮观的...!



帮婆婆的一个任务... 我的曾祖父的照!

原本的照片 vs 给婆婆的 (我已经尽力了...__orz__)
如果我一向来都有画的话,也许可以画得更好给婆婆... =\

Lot10 food court的叉烧pizza..... 我很想念它....

今年5A gathering Yvonne的惊喜生日蛋糕
都不惊喜的,反而弄到我很怕... LOL

我跟我姐一起毕业~ 才怪 -__-
全家人第一次去相馆拍照,拍出来都不美的,不够aperture -__-
拍完了后,店员还问我们是不是双胞胎 zzz
那个人心里一定觉得我是大的咯... 因为我比我姐高.......
上次日文课的时后就是这样... 人家还以为相差一两年罢了...



panorama真是好玩 (=w=




这个就是现在的size.. 没得变回原被的size了....
顶啦.. 没有注意到.... 可怜啊我拍的照片.....