Wednesday, December 16, 2009


*Rosevelt... BeatTheSystem... (drools.....)
Rosevelt performance on this Sunday.. and BTS performance during the coming xmas event in college(ChristmasHolic Fiesta)....

Soooo wanna go...!! Big chance of going to the xmas event(JUST to watch BTS!) 'cause it's just in college.. depends whether my sis is going..

And Rosevelt... it's at The Library(which is a pub bluargh me dun like) and of course it's at night!!
My sis and me still wondering how to go 'cause we're not allow to go to those places(well we don't like those places too) and it's really late at night and it's far away from our home!
And if we go, we surely will go to ComicFes so that we can cabut to watch Rosevelt and after that dunno how to cabut away from there etc etc...


*Still having Rosevelt in mah headddd...*

Ok.... Assignments update!! (lol wut?)

The due date for passing up the webpage assignment was postponed to next week.. (YAY)

Next week (Week 11):
Fundamental of Webpage (webpage + shoe design) - pass up (Monday/Tues)
Digital Illustration group work (tshirt + tag + packaging etc design) - presentation and pass up
Basic Photography (landscape) - presentation (Tues)

(what the heck.. continuous.. ==|||)

And after next week or next NEXT week..
Basic Photography - pass up all exercises and assignments...


Painted my shoe design these two days.. still not complete yet
I think it's quite nice but a bit weird too..?
But kinda proud of myself.. Heh.. =X

Can't wait for the Wednesday(tbc) in Week 13!
It's going to be a big and awesome day for us DML1 students! XD


I can't believe it's already Week 11.

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