Sunday, December 13, 2009


Just came back from UNPLUGGED IV in college
(Unplugged is a band competition held in TARC btw)

Really had a great time.. great show!
Overall the contestants are good! (Yay The Racooons! LOL =X)

And of course, the guest bands - Beat the System, Rosevelt and Nao!
Their vocals are awesome! Love Rosevelt's vocal(Took pic with Rosevelt's vocalist heh, but I look yongsui so I dun wanna post LOL)
All of them are AWESOME!!

Seriously, it's a CRAZY night!

I love rock music, and this is the first time...
I watch a rock concert live (wait not really.. I attended a rock concert that my dad organised when I was a kid.. 动力火车and"老爹"? Lol but I was a kid that time.. OH YA I nearly forgot about Linkin Park's concert! But I was really sick that time ==)
Scream shout and cheering like crazy
Do the "wave" (but not really nice la, everyone have to stand/jump(?) up baru nice mar..)
Do the HEAD BANG (for freakin' sake! This is CRAZY!! My neck hurts! LOL!)
I get to fangirl in real life (lol)
I met artiste and excited about it (I went to chinese artiste concerts when I was still a kid but I'm not interested in those chinese singers.. bluaarrghh!)

It's sooo freakin' funny to do the head bang!
Some of us leave our seats and being crazy infront of the stage!
All of us look like orang gila! HAHA!
And of course there's another half of the audience who just sat on their seats silently... Lol.
Seriously head bang like crazy! If anyone I know is there, they sure anggap saya as a stranger! HAHA!! (Eh wait a minute, my classrep was there too. Lol.)
Eh c'mon, it's a rock live la!
Head bang gao gao 'cause it a RARE chance to do that!! Who cares what others think?!! BLAH!!

Ahh... awesome show... :3

How nice if most of the Malaysians listen to rock music or indepedent music etc...
I wanna attend more rock lives and head bang like crazy again!! HAHA!
(I wanna head bang but it doesn't mean I wanna clubbing, I don't fking like it.)

Actually I feel like crying while watching the contestants perform...
My guitar skill still sucks... Need more time to practise but those freakin assignments.. UGH!
Holiday faster mari.. Zzzz...
Me and my drama junior(Katori XD) was thinking to form a band, but the problem is..
Both of us are still noobs.. ==|||
Really hope that some day I'll be one of the contestant of UNPLUGGED..!
But Katori is still in Form 5 next year, and dunno whether she'll be studying in TARC.. =(

I'm glad that I have a sister who loves the same music as me..
Or else I might not be going since none of my friends enjoys these kind of music..
I ♥ my sis YAY! LOL!

Malaysian Indies ROCK!!!!


P/S Happy Birthday to hide.....

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