Friday, December 4, 2009

Time to rest....?


This whole week is horribly tired... mostly because of photography assignment 1...
Waiting for consultation for long hour.. kept snapping indoor portrait 'cause it's not nice..
So sorry to my sis 'cause kept bothering her to help me for photoshoot especially when she's not feeling well..

Had our Photography assignment 1 presentation finally.. finally ended...!!
Freakin' nervous just like usual presentations, but just simply look at the laptop quickly present whatever crap I typed in that powerpoint...

It ended, but TTG asked me to retake one of it(if can), which I already retake before..
Sigh..... I know it still sucks...
Kept struggling whether I wanna retake the photo again, in the end I chose not to retake...
I mean, I want to retake again of course, I'm quite a perfectionist
But I don't wanna ask my sis to take again..
Was thinking to ask for SingLing's help, but I don't want make troublesome to others...

Oh well..

In this whole week, because of this assignment, somehow I feel like giving up photography...
Having a pretty hard pressure on this..
Do you know how it feels, when you know you're good at something, but the result keep on came out sucks?
Some of you might be not giving up and keep on trying until you satisfy..
I'm almost this type.. but when I can't get the result I want for a long time or whatever
I'll be starting to gone mad.. Seriously going crazy these few days...

But I'm glad this assignment is (nearly)over..!
Well there's still a 2nd assignment for photography, but I think this is better 'cause it's landscape
No need find model or take close up object pics(although I quite love close up pics lol) etc..
And there's no requirement about indoor or outdoor (I HATE indoor shots!!)...

Oh ya, after our photography presentation, it's time for English group presentation!!
Nervous, but I don't know why I'm not that nervous.. (normally even though it's group presentation we still keep on nervous)
Maybe it's a bit 临场反应 or because not much people pays attention...?

Going to PC Fair with my sis tomorrow.. Gonna buy new pendrive and speaker!!
I want headphone also... but won't be buying...?
and I still haven't buy earphone for my phone..
I wanted to buy it since last year after my previous phone was been stolen =_=

Blah whatever.

Time to eat and sleep. Lol.

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