Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Something to share!

Dunno whether you guys had already found out about this or not
But I just wanna share!


Heart shape bokeh! Cute or not??
I took it last night! Haha!

Found it here when I was doing research for my photography journal last night
DIY a lens hood..
I found out it's interesting, so I just gave it a try.. and it worked!

This is mine.. I know it's ugly.. I was just testing la..

Like what it stated in the site, all you need is...
1. A large aperture lens (50mm f1.8 lens, most of us DML1 students have it.. awesome..!)
2. Black paperboard

Then you just cut a hole etc, whatever shape you like etc etc..
(Or you can do it like THIS)

But don't cut it too big(the site recommend 15mm for the hole diameter) or else it wont work! (My first attempt.. failed.. haha)

There's quite lots of interesting DIY photography stuffs in this site(, you guys can try it!

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~six~ said...

Thanks for the trick~ =D