Saturday, December 26, 2009


Went there with my sis just to watch Rosevelt! And An Honest Mistake!


Vocal - Nick
Guitar - Josh
Bass - Kush
Drums - Bryan

Too bad there's not much people know about them yet 'cause they're still new!

Thankfully the rain stops before their performance! So I get to snap piccaasss!! :D
Soaking wet after the rain, but become dry after the performance(head bang HAHA)!


They're awesome too!

Ok.. when the performance by An Honest Mistake nearly reach to the end, it suddenly rain!!
Me and my sis kept running around to avoid the rain but in the end we still went back to watch their performance..!

Heavy rain... Seriously HEAVY. Just like shower!
My camera bag all wet.. camera nearly kena wet..
Phone kena.. and now have to fix it 'cause the keypad got problem already D=
Already sick since 2 days ago(screamed during Christmasholic for BTS!), now kena rain become more sick...? Hope not.
But it's worth it! Haha!

And if anyone wants their skin to be fair, just wear any clothings that can cover up your whole body, go into the rain(or just go shower la) so that your clothings are all soaking wet
Wait.. and... So fair. (lame).

-= E N D =-

P/S: Good luck to Rosevelt in Library's Got Talent semi-finals tomorrow night!

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