Sunday, December 6, 2009


Lol.. ok..
So in the end, I didn't give up.. Asked for my sis' help to re shoot again...

Felt really uneasy even though I've decided not to reshoot..
So I asked SingLing whether she can help me.. But it's a bit troublesome to her parents..
Sooo.. in the end I asked for my sis AGAIN.... And yay she helped me!
Damn scary to ask her 'cause already ask for many times...

Hope that TTG will accept it.... x___x


Went to PC Fair with my sis yesterday...

Christmas deco in KLCC~

Lol the only "human pic" I took in pc fair..
I just took these cosplayers pic.. not interest in those show girls blahh
But it's so boring 'cause this is the only game booth in the pc fair.. ==


It's been a long time me and my sis didnt go to pc fair! It's so tiring and I hate those ppl keep pushing you etc.. Be patient la please ==

Bought a speaker(finally! my speaker sucks!), two pendrive - 2gb and 4bg, one is for backup(bye to my 脆弱的pendrive.. T___T), and a new mouse!

I'm not sure will it last for a long period, but the outlook of it just attracts me.. LOL
After awhile I'm kinda regret that I bought it, but... =\
Oh well, at least it's nice to hold... And it has front light and back light! Haha!


Saw this in MSN news, Malaysia's next top model... Kelly and Danny...
At first I didn't notice anything, but when I saw the (sur)name "Jagan"..
Wait a minute... Jagan.... Kelly...? She's our Chong Hwa senior!
Seriously shocked!
Well I don't actually know her, but I remember she's quite cool and she had this very very short hairstyle once!
Now she looks so mature and more cool!


Ok.. Assignments...
Left DigiIllus, Photography, Webpage... and... Typography(still have to print out only)...? I think that's it!
But there's so much to do in each and every assignments!
And photography exercises.. my God....

Ok! Back to work(assignments la)!

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