Wednesday, December 23, 2009


(Just gonna post photos of the contestants that I love/like)


Didn't get to take nice photos of them 'cause I can't adjust the camera settings properly(booo failure), and they kept moving around preparing for their stuffs
But later then I quickly change my memory card into the digital camera so that we can record their performance! LOL
And of course, they are AWESOME!!

Yayaya or Yahyahyah or...?
Don't know their band name but I really like them too!
Love the vocalist's vocal! And the guitarist also plays the bass part! Awesome!

Cool outfit!

Cool ending pose!
(But too bad they're not in the semi-finals.. I want them to be in it! Female band!!)

An Honest Mistake

They're awesome too!!

A dance group.. they're the second place for Battleground..?
Don't know their group name, but they're team spirit is good!

(Yvonne.. your fav shoes...)

Forgot their band name(too), but they're not bad too
And they have quite lots of supporters(family members! how nice!)
Vocalist's vocal is nice too!

*Hopes Rosevelt will win..!*

- E N D - (lol time to sleep la)

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-yv0nn3- said...

Guess what!! That is the group that I like!! And that is the group that I show u their shoe collection!! Their Group name is call ECX aka Electroxhot!!!