Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in 2009

1. Christmasholic Fiesta in TARC

Felt really weird 'cause everyone around me wore glamorously but I just wore like what I normally wear - Tshirt and medium short pants.
But who cares? I'm here not to be pretty or whatever, I'm here to see band performance(BTS!!)!

Pull the Plug

The Raccoons

Basically, the performances by Pull the Plug and The Raccoons are suppose to be awesome
Phantom of the Opera's song cover by Pull the Plug and Come Together cover by The Raccoons

Duet of the day! (Chiing will surely love this 'cause it's a bit like fairytale! Haha!)

We heard that the PA system provider kept on showing off etc.. (later the next day my sis' friend told her that they only knew those PA system stuffs are not for live bands.. Wtf?!)

We(those who're here for Beat the System) were so worried 'cause.. what if this happen during their performance??
But thankfully there's not much problem during the show!


*snaps(LOL)* Sam- vocalist of BTS

The whole event, the most enjoyable thing was THIS.
There's like.. 20++ of us enjoying it, and the other hundreds are standing wayyyy behind us
Watching us like "Wtf???"
LOL!! But who fking cares?? This is a ROCK PERFORMANCE!!

There're 20++ of us, but we sounded like hundreds of people!! AWESOME!!

Got BTS' EP! LOL Everyone of us kept reaching and snatching for it!
Plus.. autograph!! Haha!!

Awesome shit..
Felt soooo good to head bang with all TARCian rockers..!


2. Xmas eve with my college groupies..

Exhange present.. got my present from ahJane~

Present from our "ga jeh" Jane's "ga jeh" MunYi (she bought it for the 5 of us!)

Wore Santa hat in college just for awhile since the weather is freakin hot..
Later then went to KLCC to watch the Body Guards and Assassin..
Ganas betul.. We did cried, BUT! We laughed like crazy too!
'cause we kept saying things like Typography's spacing and kerning, and Photography's landscape, abstract landscape etc etc! And some of the effect like those blood.. quite fake la.. Haha!! =X
(I still haven't watch New Moon, Christmas Carol and Princess and the Frog!! SAD!!)


3. Xmas eve with my family

Present from my sis! Guitar picks!
I always wanted to buy guitar pick but never got the chance to buy!
I ♥ my sis :3

Present from my parents! Sony Ericsson K660!
Well it's an old model, but I just love the colour! (HEH)
And I just want a phone that I can bluetooth or mms or surf the net etc.. which I can't do all of this using my current phone..
Fell in love with this phone since the first time I saw it(LOOOLLL) - Jane's phone!
Haha same phone with her liao..


Didn't really wish anyone Merry Christmas properly, just post a shout out in FB and Twitter which no one cares.. Whatever..

Well.. Not having a really happy christmas/christmas eve actually..
1. I'm sick since yesterday! And it become worst!! My nose.. UGH!!
2. Can't gather with neither my U4 classmates nor Milkygreen in Christmas eve... 'cause having dinner with my family..
3. Staying at home in Christmas...
4. Hearing naggings these days.. I know it's for our own good.. but.. whatever..

The best thing that had happen for my Christmas was Beat the System and presents(LOL 酱现实!).

Well.. it's 2.53pm right now, Christmas is still not end.
So.. yea.

Ok I'll stop here 'cause my running nose is just so... Ugh.


P/S: Small chances for me and my sis to go to The Library this Sunday... =(

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