Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye to 2009!

Less than 3 hours, and it's going to be 2010..!

Things that happened today - the last day of 2009

Belated xmas present from Yvonne! Rilakkuma! ♥
Thank you Yvonne! LOVE YOU!! (OMG VOMIT!!! LOL)

Some treats from myself.. Rilakkuma again XD (plus 1 Hello Kitty)

Went to KLCC with my sis and Shvon(sis' friend) after passing up my photography journal..
Don't wanna stay at home alone doing nothing in New Year's Eve..!
Wanna buy things in Kinokuniya but I'm kinda broke.. so in the end bought these in Isetan's supermarket.. ^^

My sis bought this for me few days ago.. Rilakkuma AGAIN hahaha!

コリラックマ登场.... "KoRilakkuma arrived.." NO!! I dun like KoRilakk!!

Did this again last night.. that means.. MORE BOKEH!!


Heart shapes!

"Kaede"(maple leaf) shapes!

Musical notes! (failed.. wrong direction..!)


Hahaha cute yet scary at the same time..!



A flashback of 2009.. This year seriously ended really REALLY fast!!

Unforgettable happy/funny memories.. (refer to my previous blog posts lol..)
*Heard TOSHI singing in X JAPAN's HK live through my sis' phone..
*SPM results.. Lol.
*Finally got my first electric guitar.. wanted it since I was 12 and I finally got it..!
*Got my first GLAY collective stuff.. I am xxx Limited Edition single
*Monkeys' attack
*National Art Gallery.. Lol
*Introduction to Illustration - Graffiti
*Melaka trip with my family

Unforgettable unhapppy memories..
*Failed my driving test..
*MJ's death..
*Conceptual Design 3rd assignment.. SAD.
*SH ppl ruin our day
*Horrible cheesy wedges..

And some other stuffs.. like drama..
This year I just watched one drama performance(which is not exactly a drama performance, it's a competition), TEA TIME 16..
I joined drama, and quit drama again...

And college life.. tiring but it's also awesome 'cause my groupies are crazy...!

Oh ya and my parents spent a lot on me in this year..
1. New PC
3. New phone

There's more, but tak kan I write them all here la..

Hmm.. I just have to say this...
To me...

Yea I nearly gone mad because of assignments.. but those were past tense..

What made my 2009 December AWESOME?
Of course it's....

Thanks to UNPLUGGED, I get to know ROSEVELT and Beat the System, I get to headbang..
Thanks to UNPLUGGED, me and my sis get to fangirl in real life..!

Went to Christmasholic just to see Beat the System
Went to The Library, Rock The World 9 and 1U just to see Rosevelt(YAY ROSEVELT!)...

Ok.. yea I think that's my 2009...!

Now what I wanna to in 2010...
.... I wanna go to Hello 2010 on 7th of Jan... Rosevelt...! And John's Mistress..!! DX
And... the finals of Library's Got Talent or Not on 1xth of Jan..! (Rosevelt..!)

Yup that's it. Lol.
(Oh ya and I gotta study for my tests for end of this sem! 2 subjects.. lol)
(OH AND!! I can't wait for the tshirt and shoe exhibition!! XD)


These days me and my sis just listen to Rosevelt's songs again and again.. haha
But I also addicted to this song, "Maps" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

This is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover band (Hamster DamnAged)
Really love them when I saw them the first time at The Library.
And thanks to them, I get to know about Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

"Maps" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The vocalist is kinda weird, which is COOL!

Love this song!

Now it's 11.25pm.. almost 30minutes left to 2010..!

P/S: The white team won in Kouhaku Utagassen 2009..!

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