Monday, December 21, 2009


Yup, that's the time right now.
And I'm still awake.
(Well basically.. not really 'cause I went to sleep just now since my parents kept nagging us to sleep)

Now I wake up to do assignment.. editing photos for our DigiIllus assignment..
Only knew that I was the one to photoshop the photo at the very last minute which I'm not at home this whole day and night(I mean yesterday)..

As I've mentioned in the earlier post, me and my sis is attending ComicFes and Library's Got Talent to support Rosevelt.
So, yea.. Just gonna do a quick(I think..) update about the journey today(yesterday).

(My eyes are freakin' tired right now.. ugh.)

Ok, our first stop is ComicFes, which was help in Sunway Pyramid and we took 2 hours to reach there 'cause we don't know the road. Got lost. Lol.
This is the first time I attend CF, and erm.. I wasn't in the mood of taking photos 'cause I'm tired, the lightings in the convention centre sucks, and was thinking about The Library. Lol.

Later then head to The Curve for Library's Got Talents..
Got lost again.. Went to the wrong direction.. And the roadlines are freakin' confusing!
(And I thought eCurve and The Curve was the same thing... Zzzz)

*fast forward*

Ok.. so we reached there.. The Library..
We were thinking not to come again next time since we don't like these kind of place..
But after Rosevelt performed.. Well, we kinda changed our thoughts!
And the following performances were awesome too! (I don't really like the hiphop music performance though since I don't like hiphop music)
Love the band performance by An Honest Mistake!
And another two bands with female vocalist, their vocals are awesome too!

We're supposed to leave earlier since our parents didn't know that we're there.. (Shhh we're not allow to..)
We stayed until the last group contestant, and.. we leave before the result show...
Rushed back home immediately.. (my sis speeding her car! Woo! But seriously dangerous la. Lol.)

And the result(my sis got it from her friend's sms)..
Rosevelt is in the semifinals(semi right..? not so sure.. lol)!
But An Honest Mistake wasn't..! They're awesome but why they're not in??


During the show, tears were flowing in my eyes
'cause I kept wondering whether I'll have the chance to be like them, playing in a band..
They're all so good and it seems like very hard to reach it..
Watching them enjoying playing their role, giving their best to the audience..
Watching those guitarist playing...
How I wish to be like them(but not the smoking part etc.. nonono..)


Ok.. it's 5.25am right now.. Doing my assignment sambil blogging.. lol.
Having 8am class later.. I sooo wanna skip class since there's only one class today!
But I have to buy the tickets for Wednesday's Christmasholic Fiesta and TARC bus ticket..
And go for consultation for photography I think...
Later my groupies will come to my house to do the work for our group work again...

Wow it wasn't a short post after all.

I think my mum is going to wake up soon.. Bye.

Next stop - Beat the System @ Christmasholic Fiesta

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