Friday, December 18, 2009


Finished painting my shoe design!
Will blog about it after I pass it up or maybe after the "exhibition".. *grins* LOL

17 Dec 09

Went back to my house with my assignment groupies to do our tshirt design..
Took out my guitars and my sis violin and jam for awhile (all dunno how to play but syok sendiri je.. lol)
It's awesome to see the result of our tshirt.. will blog about it also after we pass it up or also maybe after the exhibition.. Heh.

After we're (nearly) done around 5pm(i think?), we skipped our English class and went to celebrate Jane's birthday(18 Dec) at Happy Season..
Gave her a surprise.. Seriously a funny and "adventurous" day!
There's a lot of changes for our plan 'cause we didn't expect that we'll be using so much time to do our work..! But we still get to give her a surprise by keep "acting" in front of her and through the phone! Lol All of us can be actresses already! LOL ^^*

Awesome funny day!


18 Dec 09

Went to the open day of Taylor's College new campus(to eat.. lol) with my sis and two of her Seisyun family, Reiko and Hana, and Reiko's baby.... XUAN XUAN!!

Ok la just post photos.. lazy to type too much..

Taylor's new campus... freakin' huge...
My sis said that they're going to open a Starbucks over there...!

Is this a college?


Walking to... "MPH"..

XuanXuan's pic time!

Hahaha I still think this shot is funny!


Choco cake.. yum..

Listening to Rosevelt..♥

Reiko and XuanXuan

Xmas tree with forks and spoons as deco. Lol.


-E N D-

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