Saturday, December 12, 2009


It's always busy when a semester is reaching the end.
But why do I feel the same?
I mean, from the beginning of the sem it is always busy..
Assignments and exercises piling up etc..
And money... spent a lot in assignments just for printing etc..

I know this course is killing our time and money, but...
Oh my crap....

Now there's few assignments left..

Photography Assignment 1(have to reshoot..) and 2, and Exercise 3 and 4..
Have to pass up them all on Week 12..

Webpage and shoe design..
Have to pass up on Week 11 which is next week..! AHHH!!

DigiIllus tag tshirt packaging etc design..
Have to pass up on Week 12 too....



Going to college with my sis to attend UNPLUGGED IV later...

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