Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye to 2009!

Less than 3 hours, and it's going to be 2010..!

Things that happened today - the last day of 2009

Belated xmas present from Yvonne! Rilakkuma! ♥
Thank you Yvonne! LOVE YOU!! (OMG VOMIT!!! LOL)

Some treats from myself.. Rilakkuma again XD (plus 1 Hello Kitty)

Went to KLCC with my sis and Shvon(sis' friend) after passing up my photography journal..
Don't wanna stay at home alone doing nothing in New Year's Eve..!
Wanna buy things in Kinokuniya but I'm kinda broke.. so in the end bought these in Isetan's supermarket.. ^^

My sis bought this for me few days ago.. Rilakkuma AGAIN hahaha!

コリラックマ登场.... "KoRilakkuma arrived.." NO!! I dun like KoRilakk!!

Did this again last night.. that means.. MORE BOKEH!!


Heart shapes!

"Kaede"(maple leaf) shapes!

Musical notes! (failed.. wrong direction..!)


Hahaha cute yet scary at the same time..!



A flashback of 2009.. This year seriously ended really REALLY fast!!

Unforgettable happy/funny memories.. (refer to my previous blog posts lol..)
*Heard TOSHI singing in X JAPAN's HK live through my sis' phone..
*SPM results.. Lol.
*Finally got my first electric guitar.. wanted it since I was 12 and I finally got it..!
*Got my first GLAY collective stuff.. I am xxx Limited Edition single
*Monkeys' attack
*National Art Gallery.. Lol
*Introduction to Illustration - Graffiti
*Melaka trip with my family

Unforgettable unhapppy memories..
*Failed my driving test..
*MJ's death..
*Conceptual Design 3rd assignment.. SAD.
*SH ppl ruin our day
*Horrible cheesy wedges..

And some other stuffs.. like drama..
This year I just watched one drama performance(which is not exactly a drama performance, it's a competition), TEA TIME 16..
I joined drama, and quit drama again...

And college life.. tiring but it's also awesome 'cause my groupies are crazy...!

Oh ya and my parents spent a lot on me in this year..
1. New PC
3. New phone

There's more, but tak kan I write them all here la..

Hmm.. I just have to say this...
To me...

Yea I nearly gone mad because of assignments.. but those were past tense..

What made my 2009 December AWESOME?
Of course it's....

Thanks to UNPLUGGED, I get to know ROSEVELT and Beat the System, I get to headbang..
Thanks to UNPLUGGED, me and my sis get to fangirl in real life..!

Went to Christmasholic just to see Beat the System
Went to The Library, Rock The World 9 and 1U just to see Rosevelt(YAY ROSEVELT!)...

Ok.. yea I think that's my 2009...!

Now what I wanna to in 2010...
.... I wanna go to Hello 2010 on 7th of Jan... Rosevelt...! And John's Mistress..!! DX
And... the finals of Library's Got Talent or Not on 1xth of Jan..! (Rosevelt..!)

Yup that's it. Lol.
(Oh ya and I gotta study for my tests for end of this sem! 2 subjects.. lol)
(OH AND!! I can't wait for the tshirt and shoe exhibition!! XD)


These days me and my sis just listen to Rosevelt's songs again and again.. haha
But I also addicted to this song, "Maps" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

This is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover band (Hamster DamnAged)
Really love them when I saw them the first time at The Library.
And thanks to them, I get to know about Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

"Maps" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The vocalist is kinda weird, which is COOL!

Love this song!

Now it's 11.25pm.. almost 30minutes left to 2010..!

P/S: The white team won in Kouhaku Utagassen 2009..!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Something to share!

Dunno whether you guys had already found out about this or not
But I just wanna share!


Heart shape bokeh! Cute or not??
I took it last night! Haha!

Found it here when I was doing research for my photography journal last night
DIY a lens hood..
I found out it's interesting, so I just gave it a try.. and it worked!

This is mine.. I know it's ugly.. I was just testing la..

Like what it stated in the site, all you need is...
1. A large aperture lens (50mm f1.8 lens, most of us DML1 students have it.. awesome..!)
2. Black paperboard

Then you just cut a hole etc, whatever shape you like etc etc..
(Or you can do it like THIS)

But don't cut it too big(the site recommend 15mm for the hole diameter) or else it wont work! (My first attempt.. failed.. haha)

There's quite lots of interesting DIY photography stuffs in this site(, you guys can try it!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Rushed to 1U immediately when my sis saw Nick's tweet in Twitter!
Acoustic performance in 1U!
Screw all the nags.. Thanks our dad for letting us go there!!!

*shivers* Don't dare to walk near to the stage but in the end we still have to.. DX (:D LOL)

So scary la after their performance they come talk to us (and talked to our dad LOL)
But it's a good thing 'cause they remembered the two of us fans! Haha! =D

Thanks to Rosevelt, my sis and I get to fangirl in real life..! (yay!)

P/S: This year's Christmas isn't that bad afterall..!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Went there with my sis just to watch Rosevelt! And An Honest Mistake!


Vocal - Nick
Guitar - Josh
Bass - Kush
Drums - Bryan

Too bad there's not much people know about them yet 'cause they're still new!

Thankfully the rain stops before their performance! So I get to snap piccaasss!! :D
Soaking wet after the rain, but become dry after the performance(head bang HAHA)!


They're awesome too!

Ok.. when the performance by An Honest Mistake nearly reach to the end, it suddenly rain!!
Me and my sis kept running around to avoid the rain but in the end we still went back to watch their performance..!

Heavy rain... Seriously HEAVY. Just like shower!
My camera bag all wet.. camera nearly kena wet..
Phone kena.. and now have to fix it 'cause the keypad got problem already D=
Already sick since 2 days ago(screamed during Christmasholic for BTS!), now kena rain become more sick...? Hope not.
But it's worth it! Haha!

And if anyone wants their skin to be fair, just wear any clothings that can cover up your whole body, go into the rain(or just go shower la) so that your clothings are all soaking wet
Wait.. and... So fair. (lame).

-= E N D =-

P/S: Good luck to Rosevelt in Library's Got Talent semi-finals tomorrow night!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in 2009

1. Christmasholic Fiesta in TARC

Felt really weird 'cause everyone around me wore glamorously but I just wore like what I normally wear - Tshirt and medium short pants.
But who cares? I'm here not to be pretty or whatever, I'm here to see band performance(BTS!!)!

Pull the Plug

The Raccoons

Basically, the performances by Pull the Plug and The Raccoons are suppose to be awesome
Phantom of the Opera's song cover by Pull the Plug and Come Together cover by The Raccoons

Duet of the day! (Chiing will surely love this 'cause it's a bit like fairytale! Haha!)

We heard that the PA system provider kept on showing off etc.. (later the next day my sis' friend told her that they only knew those PA system stuffs are not for live bands.. Wtf?!)

We(those who're here for Beat the System) were so worried 'cause.. what if this happen during their performance??
But thankfully there's not much problem during the show!


*snaps(LOL)* Sam- vocalist of BTS

The whole event, the most enjoyable thing was THIS.
There's like.. 20++ of us enjoying it, and the other hundreds are standing wayyyy behind us
Watching us like "Wtf???"
LOL!! But who fking cares?? This is a ROCK PERFORMANCE!!

There're 20++ of us, but we sounded like hundreds of people!! AWESOME!!

Got BTS' EP! LOL Everyone of us kept reaching and snatching for it!
Plus.. autograph!! Haha!!

Awesome shit..
Felt soooo good to head bang with all TARCian rockers..!


2. Xmas eve with my college groupies..

Exhange present.. got my present from ahJane~

Present from our "ga jeh" Jane's "ga jeh" MunYi (she bought it for the 5 of us!)

Wore Santa hat in college just for awhile since the weather is freakin hot..
Later then went to KLCC to watch the Body Guards and Assassin..
Ganas betul.. We did cried, BUT! We laughed like crazy too!
'cause we kept saying things like Typography's spacing and kerning, and Photography's landscape, abstract landscape etc etc! And some of the effect like those blood.. quite fake la.. Haha!! =X
(I still haven't watch New Moon, Christmas Carol and Princess and the Frog!! SAD!!)


3. Xmas eve with my family

Present from my sis! Guitar picks!
I always wanted to buy guitar pick but never got the chance to buy!
I ♥ my sis :3

Present from my parents! Sony Ericsson K660!
Well it's an old model, but I just love the colour! (HEH)
And I just want a phone that I can bluetooth or mms or surf the net etc.. which I can't do all of this using my current phone..
Fell in love with this phone since the first time I saw it(LOOOLLL) - Jane's phone!
Haha same phone with her liao..


Didn't really wish anyone Merry Christmas properly, just post a shout out in FB and Twitter which no one cares.. Whatever..

Well.. Not having a really happy christmas/christmas eve actually..
1. I'm sick since yesterday! And it become worst!! My nose.. UGH!!
2. Can't gather with neither my U4 classmates nor Milkygreen in Christmas eve... 'cause having dinner with my family..
3. Staying at home in Christmas...
4. Hearing naggings these days.. I know it's for our own good.. but.. whatever..

The best thing that had happen for my Christmas was Beat the System and presents(LOL 酱现实!).

Well.. it's 2.53pm right now, Christmas is still not end.
So.. yea.

Ok I'll stop here 'cause my running nose is just so... Ugh.


P/S: Small chances for me and my sis to go to The Library this Sunday... =(

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


(Just gonna post photos of the contestants that I love/like)


Didn't get to take nice photos of them 'cause I can't adjust the camera settings properly(booo failure), and they kept moving around preparing for their stuffs
But later then I quickly change my memory card into the digital camera so that we can record their performance! LOL
And of course, they are AWESOME!!

Yayaya or Yahyahyah or...?
Don't know their band name but I really like them too!
Love the vocalist's vocal! And the guitarist also plays the bass part! Awesome!

Cool outfit!

Cool ending pose!
(But too bad they're not in the semi-finals.. I want them to be in it! Female band!!)

An Honest Mistake

They're awesome too!!

A dance group.. they're the second place for Battleground..?
Don't know their group name, but they're team spirit is good!

(Yvonne.. your fav shoes...)

Forgot their band name(too), but they're not bad too
And they have quite lots of supporters(family members! how nice!)
Vocalist's vocal is nice too!

*Hopes Rosevelt will win..!*

- E N D - (lol time to sleep la)