Sunday, November 29, 2009


Friday - 27 Nov 2009
Was going to rest but I kept tracing the shoe design for Fundamental of WebPage's assignment..
Only done tracing one design, the only theme I'm having idea - No Music No Life ==||||
Other... 1 Msia and Dream... ughhh!!

Saturday - 28 Nov 2009
Was going to continue to do my assignments, but woke up at around 12:30pm :D
2pm++ Keroro used Arricson's phone to call me, asked me whether I wanna go out
So.. hehe.. Went out with both of them~ Snappin' photos at JJ and Dreamz Cafe~ Gila-ness!

Went to grandma's house for dinner just like every Saturday, after that went to buy 2012 movie tickets...

Sunday - 29 Nov 2009
Woke up at 5am to prepare for photoshoot with my sis who is sick.. Titiwangsa and Pavilion..
Had the most horrifying mosquito experience in my life @ Titiwangsa!!
A lot of mosquitoes flying around!! I can feel them on my legs but I didnt bother them 'cause I didn't expect anything..
But when I saw them on my sis' legs.. OMFG!!! IT.WAS.SCARY!!!!
I think still left 50% for Photography assignment then I'm done..

Came back, 1pm went for facial treatment...
Just came back, and now I'm going to watch 2012 with my family (FINALLY)

Bye Lol.

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