Sunday, November 1, 2009


Finally watch it with my sis and her friend yesterday..!

When the movie just started, my tears just started to flow, just a bit.
I thought I'm going to cry like crazy, but I didn't.
'Cause it doesn't look like he's dead.

Overall the movie is ok, Michael's vocals is still soft yet powerful!
His movement is weak, but there's still some power in it..
There's some songs he didn't perform like Dangerous etc etc
But it's still awesome =D

Well it suppose to be a nice show, if only the audience sing along and cheer together..
I was thinking(and expecting D=) about that before the movie starts...
But.. well.. you know.. Malaysia's audience...
Everyone just sit on their places without moving, it seems like they're not enjoying the movie at all.. I mean, CONCERT.
I was expecting at least some claps and I clapped a bit but the others didn't clap at all..

But AT LEAST when the movie ended, most of the audience didn't leave but still sitting on the seats during the credits part.. And they cheered and clapped =D But just for a few seconds.. ==|||
After a moment everyone started to leave, but there's still some of them still stayed there until the end.
That was the best moment during the whole movie.. we get to see true fans of MJ..

Was thinking to watch the second round.. Lol.

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