Thursday, November 5, 2009

KLCC Outdoor Trip

Wait, before KLCC trip..
Let me just record some of the stuffs happened yesterday...

Gave those chocolate bars to my classmates already!
Didn't waste it after all =D

Ate this ♥

Went to CITC.. and this.. 1%...
And that day I'm seriously having quite a bad luck..
1.During Typography class, all of us were having consultation of our assignments.. And when it's finally my turn and I'm the last one, the lecturer asked me next week only let him see since the class already ended...
..... it's just a few minutes, can't he just take a look just in that few minutes?

2. CITC line sucks. But the connection there is always sucks. So whatever.

3. In Lab A1, the pc that I chose rosak again. Last week rosak, this week also rosak. It's not the same pc btw =_=
After that changed pc, and it kept on lagging, hang gei! Have to restart the pc.. later it hang again, then restart again.... =.=|||||

4. Can't online at home.. so my sis and I went to V2... but mana tau the internet line also sucks 'cause TMNet is having problem! Wasted my time there..
After that I've got bored, so I play game.. was going to play HalfLife(I'm not a gamer, I just played it about 5 times during Form 3?) But then it's time to go so I quit the game.. BUT..

Click Esc no use, Tab+Alt no use, Ctrl+Alt+Delete no use, Alt F4 also no use!!

Beh song this day..!

Here's some random stuffs using DSLR before KLCC...

KL view from my balcony~

Me and my sis' X JAPAN collection X3

My sis' comics

My electric guitar


*OK! KLCC is getting CLOSER!!*

Siu mai.. LOL

Outside DK ABA..

Outside ABA again =D

During Photography lecture class..

Trying to snap those other U4-ers.. but FAILED LOL

Testing "BULB" in the dark.. the result doesn't looks like we're in the dark!


Makan dulu...

Seems like I'm the only one not eating McD... D=


I kept on laughing when all of us hang our DSLR on us, 'cause everyone was staring at us!!
Kept on syok sendiri 'cause a group of people with DSLRs, macam PROs which we're NOT pro at all!! Got a bit siasui but still.... HEH!! =X

OK! KLCC Outdoor Trip starts NOW!!!

Adjusting exposure etc... HAHA (syok sendiri =X)

**Note: All the photos are already been pixelated 'cause I've resized them.

Our Petronas Twin Tower KLCC~

I'll be always visiting Kino everytime I went to KLCC, to check whether there's anything I can buy... (X JAPAN and GLAY and hide!! *drools*) But homework is more important! Don't wanna waste my time!

Click and zoom in the ant's eyes! So CUTE!!
Reminds me of Anty from "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids"! Poor Anty.. =(

One of the shots that I like..

Ants again!! Look at their CUTE EYES!!! (lol I sound like crazy 变态 ==|||)

This shot is a bit over exposed but I like the lighting

Another shot that I like

Playground! LOL!!

I'm seriously having fun playing in the playground! It's been a looonnnggg time!
I really really LOVE playgrounds!! And it's so colourful! *___*
You can say that I'm childish or whatever, I don't care!
I'm having FUN! I love to be a kid!!
I WISH to be a kid again! No need to worry and think about so many craps!!

**Note: I only been to KLCC's playground one time ONLY.. You can't blame me for getting so excited when I saw so many playgrounds in a same place!

Pretending the "boat" is shaking LOL

Oh ya, there's one time
Evon sat on that thing with that big spring thing thingy, so I also sit..
But.. *beep BEEEEPP!!!* A guard asked me not to sit on it 'cause I'm not a kid....
........................Evon is older than me for 3 year but she's way shorter than me.....

That is why... I HATE MY HEIGHT!!!!!

I want to play in the playgrounds.....
I'm glad that no one is guarding the playground that we played before this...!

Our secret hiding place.. HAHA

Self timer!

*ZOOM IN* Spotted someone two? people!!


Simpan weapon

3 from Sinar Bintang Lol

The time...

Sudden rain.. (this pic is blur but you can see the rain drops! :3)

Emo bird watching the rain view
Bird who knows how to enjoy its life?


There's still more photos of course but I won't be posting all of them here of course! DUHH!!


BOOOOO That was boring, right??!!!
Who cares anyway!? 我爽!! HAHA!!

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~six~ said...

Lol~ if my com hang at so scary de eye...i will off monitor 1st...XD~

Well, interesting trips~ =)